AAPS Success in 2014. More to Come in 2015


Dear AAPS members and friends,

Record attendance at our AAPS annual conference capped a year of achievement, as AAPS protects and promotes private medicine.  With your support we will achieve even more in 2015.  An indispensable way you can help TODAY is with a year-end tax-deductible contribution to our legal wing, The American Health Legal Foundation (AHLF).

Donate today at: http://americanhealthlegalfoundation.org

Let’s be candid:  no other group is standing up for private medicine as AAPS is.  We stand up against government, insurance companies, medical boards, hospital administrators, and the “MOC” racket.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: a county medical society has voted unanimously to affiliate with AAPS.  In 2015, we expect more county medical societies to come over to our side.

It is up to you and us to save our profession.  No one else is going to do it.  That’s obvious.  Our next conference is January 9-10 in New Orleans, and we hope you can join us.  If not, please at least make a contribution to AHLF to allow us to expand our efforts to save private medicine in 2015.

In 2014 we achieved victories on many legal and political fronts.  Unlike most groups, AAPS advances our goals in litigation, in statehouses, and on Capitol Hill, where we have an experienced and well-connected lobbyist working hard for our side.

New York City, D.C., Charlotte, Louisville, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Napa (CA), Fayetteville (NC), and St. Louis: those are some of the cities where AAPS had meetings or conferences in 2014.  (The Napa Valley event was just prior to the earthquake there, and our host was tragically hit hard.)  We plan to hold even more events in 2015 in order to spread your and our message of private medicine.

In litigation in 2014, we helped win an historic precedent against sham peer review in an important case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, establishing the full right of a victimized physician to obtain discovery in litigation against hospital administrators. 

We also helped extend a unique federal injunction against administrators at another hospital to prevent them from reporting a sham peer review to the National Practitioner Data Bank.  Only AAPS – with your help – is going to save private medicine.  With the additional volunteer help we receive, a $500 donation can yield a $5000-or-more benefit for our medical profession and our patients.

We even helped achieve what many “experts” thought was impossible: a grant of “cert” by the U.S. Supreme Court to review ObamaCare a second time, in King v. Burwell.  The liberal media was dismayed, and “organized” medical societies were AWOL, but AAPS was there as the only physician’s group urging the Supreme Court to consider the illegality of ObamaCare’s implementation.  And the Supreme Court “granted cert” as we requested, casting doubt on ObamaCare going forward!

We continue with our lawsuit against the American Board of Medical Specialties, in order to halt and reverse the scheme of “Maintenance of Certification” (MOC).  AAPS members have persuaded multiple state medical societies to pass resolutions against MOC, and we are considering new litigation to roll back that monstrosity.  You and your colleagues have better things to do with your time than enrich a few MOC executives, who are making $700,000 or so a year by burdening private physicians.

But we need more funds for 2015 in order to build on our work in 2014.  Your donations to our American Health Legal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity, are tax-deductible and will enable us to achieve even more in this upcoming year. We depend entirely on your support for these achievements.  Each year we accomplish more and more, with lawsuits, amicus briefs, conferences, seminars, and teleforums

AAPS has become the “go to” group for solutions to avert a collapse of private medicine.

As you know, there are opponents of the practice of private medicine on every front:  government, insurance companies, hospital administrators, medical boards, and even parts of “organized medicine.”  If AAPS had not continued to stand up for private medicine – with your support – then this game would already be over. When the massive insurance company Aetna went after one of our members, he asked our General Counsel to handle the case for him – and he defeated Aetna twice, in two separate jury trials.  At AAPS we stand up for our members, and in doing so we preserve the practice of private medicine.

Unlike “think tanks” that philosophize without achieving anything, AAPS is active politically as a 501(c)(6) entity and we scored many key victories in 2014.  AAPS prevailed in pivotal state legislative races with our endorsements of pro-physician, pro-private-medicine candidates.  In Texas, for example, candidates endorsed by AAPS won sweeping victories on Election Day, including a key state Senate race (SD-10) in which the Texas Medical Association’s PAC endorsed a Democrat backed by trial attorneys.  The conservative candidate backed by AAPS, Konni Burton, then won a landslide victory by 8 points, over the candidate backed by the TMA PAC and trial attorneys. 

This and other election results sent a strong message to liberals who have taken over organized medicine:  start standing up for patients and private medicine, or become irrelevant.  With your increased membership support, AAPS can win more victories.  We have an experienced lobbyist in D.C. defending private medicine there, and he held superb teleforum calls for our members before and after the midterm elections.

Meanwhile, our General Counsel just argued a case against ObamaCare brought by an AAPS member before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.  The Origination Clause (Article I, Section 7) requires that all revenue-raising bills can originate only the House of Representatives, and ObamaCare did not.  A total of 90 Congressmen, 2 Senators, and 20 States sided with AAPS and submitted briefs explaining why ObamaCare is unconstitutional under the Origination Clause.

At AAPS, we do not sell code books to raise revenue.  We depend entirely on physicians and concerned citizens like yourself.  PLEASE BE GENEROUS AND SUPPORT AHLF FOR 2015.  


Jane M. Orient, M.D.
Executive Director, AAPS

P.S. Don't forget that your contributions to our health legal foundation, AHLF, are tax-deductible.   There are a few short days left to make your year-end contribution to help us do even more in 2015.

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