Speaker Pelosi tells Democrats to sacrifice their careers for “healthcare”


In an interview on ABC’s This Week, Nancy Pelosi was asked about the real fear many Congressmen have of losing their seats if they vote for the unpopular healthcare bill. She said: “They know that it will take courage to pass health care. But why are we here? We’re not here just to self-perpetuate our service in Congress. We’re here to do the job for the American people….”

The three fixes proposed by Obama at the Feb 25 Blair House summit, she said, are to improve affordability for the middle class, and thus access; to close the “doughnut hole” in the Medicare prescription drug benefit; and to eliminate the “Nebraska fix” to give “equity” to all the states in paying for the Medicaid expansions.

When asked whether it might have been helpful for Obama to put his ideas on the table months ago, before they had fought so hard for the public option he is willing to eliminate, she said that the problem of keeping insurance companies honest had been fixed.

“Left to their own devices, the insurance companies have done harm to the American people. They need to be regulated,” she said. That means federal regulations in addition to the myriad state regulations. The goal is affordability; the means is to prevent denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions. The effect of guaranteed issue—huge premium increases—was not brought up in the interview.

Pelosi did not answer the question of whether she has 217 votes, nor did she address the question on the abortion coverage dispute.

The House, she said, is now working on legislative language, which is supposed to make everything clear. More than Republican amendments are included, she said, making it effectively a bipartisan bill even if no Republicans vote for it.

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  1. Hi:

    It’s interesting the words of Speaker Pelosi were: “We’re here to do the job for the American people….” However, what she means is: “We’re here to do A job ON the American people.’

  2. With Medicare reimbursement being cut by 21.2% today to all medical providers supplying services to Medicare patients, we are witnessing the Democrats pushing universal coverage and government regulation, which no medical providers will be able to afford to provide. As expenses explode, and payments are cut, physicians and hospitals will be driven into financial insolvency. What will be left will be Cuba style clinics staffed by poorly trained government workers. Yes, there will be Death Panels, and people will be excluded from any care “because they are too old,” and will die from neglect. But at least it will be “universal neglect.”

  3. A number of years ago a colleague said to me ” the democrats don’t want us to practice while the republicans want us to practice but they don’t want us to be paid”; We have been at the mercy of the Federal government, the insurance industry & tort attorneys; Nothing will change until physicians unite & necessitate a change;

  4. The Pelossi, Reed, Obama agenda has not changed. What they are proposing is the government take over of medicine. They are pushing for govenment intrusion in vital aspects of American life where their collective big noses belong not. But we must all remember that they are doing all this for ‘your own good’.

  5. so if medicare cuts payments by 21%, do we spend 21% less time with each patient, each family member, pay 21% less malpractice insurance, CME costs, licensing fees, medical membership dues? um i don’t think so , we still get charged an arm and a leg for these things, get paid less for more work and the same liability. Are we stupid?

  6. Two thoughts:

    1) Isn’t the government supposed to represent the people? Are many of them not called “representatives”? Isn’t their job to enact laws that represent the ideals of our country and their constituents? Isn’t there something wrong with asking representatives to ignore the desires of their constituencies? If any of this is true, then on which planet does Ms. Pelosi live? Oh yes, she does come from San Francisco.

    2) By the time that you read this, it is too late to opt out of Medicare to be effective April 1. Contrary to what is -easy- to find on the AMA and related web sites, to completely opt out, you must provide a written affidavit 30 days in advance of the start of a quarter. (Fewer days are necessary to change from Par to non-Par.) If you don’t like the 21% cut, then opt out and take cash.Charge a fair rate, and you’ll get your life back. I’ve been out two years, and haven’t looked back. Work less, spend more time with your patients, see your family more, and take home about the same money. It is truly wonderful to NOT stress over the Medicare fee schedule or the Medicare reporting requirements, or the Medicare Recovery Contractors, or the Medicare audits, or the Medicare compliance officers, or theMedicare………….

  7. Left to their own devices, senators and representatives have robbed us of our freedoms, stolen our money, and put our entire future in jeopardy. They have no standing to criticize anyone.

    But we need to never let these people slip the curb bits that need to be forced into their mouths. We have the responsibility to oversee them, because as Lord Acton said: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    They are supposed to act as OUR agents; we are not their beasts of burden.

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