Trading in the Obamacare Lemon


This week’s physician-written op-ed distributed by AAPS has been exclusively published in the Washington Times.

By Jane Orient, MD

October, the month when everybody is supposed to get health insurance, is only six weeks away. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent trying to spiff up and sell the mythical Obamacare product, which is like a fully loaded sports car with chrome wheels. It looks great on the showroom floor.

The only problem is, there is hardly any fuel that can power its engine. The economy runs on voluntary transactions that are mutually beneficial to buyer and seller. Obamacare is designed to run on coercion — “incentives” that are really punishments. Buy this health plan — or else. Provide the listed services and the gigabytes of compliance data — or face a penalty.

A high-performance engine cannot be powered by galley slaves.

To make Obamacare run will require huge numbers of people acting in ways that are contrary to their own interests.

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