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How to End the Lure of Socialism

by G. Keith Smith, M.D. The fascination many young people have with socialism represents an understandable misunderstanding of injustice and its remedies. How can we stem the tide of socialism’s popularity with young people? Not […]

AAPS News October 2019 – Medicare for Nobody

Volume 75, no. 10  October 2019 In proposing “Medicare for All,” Bernie Sanders and his followers suggest that all Americans will be brought into a popular, successful, functioning program that provides well for seniors. In […]

Why “Medicare for All” Is a Pipe Dream

By Alieta Eck, MD – http://zhcenter.org/ As I listened to the Town Hall where Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders proclaimed his dream of Medicare for All, I realized that he was speaking in vague generalities […]

Speak out to end discrimination that blocks competition

“Differences in payment rates have unnecessarily shifted services away from the physician’s office to the higher paying hospital outpatient department,” admits CMS in the proposed 2019 rule for Medicare outpatient payment. CMS further reveals that payments […]