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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

AAPS News July 2024 – Lawfare

 Volume 80, no. 7  July 2024 Lawfare is the use of legal systems and institutions to damage or delegitimize an opponent. It is a type of warfare. According to the website lawfaremedia.org, “The name Lawfare refers both to the use of […]

AAPS News June 2024 – Disparity

 Volume 80, no. 6 June 2024 In the 1960 Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, “disparity” is defined as (1) inequality or difference, as in rank, amount, degree, excellence, etc.; (2) unlikeness; incongruity. […]

AAPS News May 2024 – Servitude

Volume 80, no. 5  May 2024 The 13th Amendment to the Constitution reads: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within […]

AAPS News April 2024 – Vaccination and Health

Volume 80, no. 4  The U.S. is said to be a “Vaccine Nation.” The central dogma of public health and most pediatric practices is that vaccination is the most important medical advance. It purportedly has […]

AAPS News March 2024 – The Foundation of Our Rights

Volume 80, no. 3  March The foundation of our rights is not “freedom and democracy”; this is the label used by the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) in U.S.-instigated “color revolutions” to topple unfriendly governments and influence […]

AAPS News February 2024 – Definitions

 Volume 80, no. 2  Having a precise definition of terms is essential in mathematics, science, and law. There are undefined terms, but these are few and must be obvious and agreed upon by everyone: in […]

AAPS News January 2024 – Axioms

Volume 80, no. 1  Philosophy, culture, and forms of governance, like mathematics, are based on “self-evident truths” or axioms. If the axioms are changed, so is everything that follows. Consider a current example: performances of […]

AAPS News December 2023 – Burnout

Volume 79, no. 12  According to the American Medical Association, nearly 63% of physicians reported symptoms of burnout at the end of 2021,  up from the already high 38% in 2020, when the COVID pandemic […]

AAPS News November 2023 – Net Zero

Our science has progressed beyond that of the academy at Lagado in Gulliver’s Travels. One project was “extracting sunbeams out of cucumbers, which were to be put in phials hermetically sealed, and let out to […]