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Medibid: Bring Cash Paying Patients to Your Practice

SPECIAL OFFER: Try MediBid for $4.99/month LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: TRY MEDIBID FOR ONLY $4.99/MONTH: BRING CASH-PAYING PATIENTS TO YOUR PRACTICE MediBid.com has more patient requests than it is able to fill, as more Americans […]

Third-Party-Free Practices

The following physicians have opted-out of Medicare and do not participate in other third-party insurance plans. If you are a patient who wants to maintain a direct relationship with your doctor – without the insurance company, government, or employer in the exam room – these doctors may be for you.

2009 Access to Care Survey

2009 Access to Care Survey posted 3/22/2010 Of 518 physicians responding to our 2009 survey on access to care, 4% reported being not enrolled in Medicare; 21%, opted out; 59%, participating; and 10%, nonparticipating. Of […]

UnitedHealth Group ex-CEO forfeits $620 million

William McGuire, M.D. former chief executive of UnitedHealth Group, agreed to one of the largest executive-pay givebacks in history, forfeiting $620 million in stock option gains and retirement pay, to settle civil and federal claims against stock-option backdating. The final outcome, however, remains uncertain as of Dec 28.