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Proposed Resolution: Social Determinants of Health

Whereas The importance of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) is increasingly recognized Whereas: SDOH include economic stability and food security Whereas: Economic stability and food security are imperiled by loss of employment opportunities and increased […]

Making American Medicine Great Again

by Jane M. Orient, M.D. The Republicans are at it again: trying to tweak a bad idea, make it “bipartisan,” and set a flawed system more firmly in concrete. What we really need is a […]

Senate Passes ACA Repeal Bill

This week’s Health Policy Roundup curated by Jane M. Orient, M.D. The Democrats’ worst nightmare is happening, writes Michael Cannon. The Senate passed a bill that would repeal most, but not all, of the Affordable […]

Time to Stop CPR on ObamaCare

This week’s Health Policy News Roundup, curated by Dr. Jane Orient ObamaCare is dead, writes Kevin D. Williamson. “It doesn’t work because it couldn’t work.” He explains how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) attempts to […]

The $750 Pill and the Shackles of Serfdom

This week’s health policy news roundup curated by Jane Orient, M.D. How can the price of a pill leap from $13.50 to $750? Only because of third-party payment, writes Charles Hugh Smith. It’s time to […]