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Health Policy Legislative Update – 10/31/2015

While the House was busy planning for John Boehner’s exit, our representatives still found time to address health care issues. Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD summarizes recent healthcare-related legislative activity on Capitol Hill in this week’s […]

Be Careful About Replacing ObamaCare

By Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD Since the day the Affordable Care Act was enacted, we have been subjected to the “repeal and replace” mantra. Replacement offerings are basically slimmed down versions of the ACA. A […]

Lawless Nation: Innocents Are Dying

By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD “But if the Watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, […]

Will Medicare Become Like the VA?

Most veterans get most of their medical care from private doctors through Medicare or private insurance. Just think what those secret waiting lists would be like if they didn’t! Still, a VA-like system for all […]

New Obamacare Endgame: the VA for All

By Richard Amerling, M.D. author Physicians’ Declaration of Independence Scandal at the Phoenix Veterans Administration lifted the curtain of secrecy on the VA’s secret waiting lists. The VA lies while patients die. This is by […]