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COVID-19: Is the Disease Worse than the Jab?

As reports of jab-related complications rise, many respond that the disease is worse. It too might cause myocarditis, miscarriages, infertility, blood clots, and death. So, get the jab now to keep from getting COVID later.

The American Medical Association (AMA) and others report that “nearly all COVID deaths in U.S. are now among unvaccinated.” The AMA’s source is the Associated Press (AP), which did its own analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The CDC itself has not estimated what percentage of hospitalizations and deaths are in fully vaccinated people, citing limitations in the data.”

As the graph below shows, in the world’s most vaccinated nation, the Seychelles Islands where 70 percent of the population is now vaccinated, the death rate from COVID has steadily increased.

Facts that people need to consider before taking the jab:

  • The risk of a bad outcome from the disease depends on the risk of getting the disease—which is plummeting at the present time.
  • The jab might not protect against the new variants. [We do not tell people to rush to get last year’s flu shot.]
  • Estimates of bad COVID outcomes assume that patients will be denied early or preventive treatment, which is likely 70 to 80 percent effective.
  • Breakthrough infections in vaccinated people are probably under-reported. Since April, CDC has been tracking only cases that resulted in hospitalization or death.
  • “Mild” cases of heart inflammation may be undiagnosed and lead to later heart failure in persons who are untreated and continue strenuous exercise.

For further information, see an extensive interview with cardiologist Peter McCullough, M.D.

For a compendium of some suggested treatment protocols and resources, see c19protocols.com.

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