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Increasingly patients are looking to work directly with their physicians without the government or insurance company in the exam room.

To see a list of physicians with direct payment/cash friendly practices please visit:

As this list grows we will work to make it more user friendly. It is sorted by state by default but can be sorted by any other column by clicking on the column heading.

Are you a physician? Add your practice to the list:

Other resources for finding cash-friendly physicians:


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  1. My doctor wife and I own and operate a small cash based primary care clinic in Los Angeles. The whole office isn’t even 1,000 square feet. We spend 30-60 minutes with each patient and need less than 1 medical assistant per doctor. Patients love the quality time with the Doctor, she only works @45 hours a week, and makes well above what the average primary care doc makes. Little need for staff because we don’t have to deal with insurance creates a great work enviroment.

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