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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

Resources for Starting a Cash-Based Practice and Restoring Free Markets to Medicine

AAPS physicians are kicking big government and government-controlled insurance companies out of their offices and are leading the Way Back to FREEDOM in Medicine. The result?

Both Doctors and Patients are happier!

Be sure to scroll down past the videos to see a list of more resources helpful to physicians looking to reduce or eliminate third-party interference in their practice.

Learn from these doctors taking back their profession:

Direct Primary Care and Direct Pay Specialty Care – Pandemic Tested. A Case Study – February 11, 2022, Lee Gross, MD

A Case Study: Creating a Radically Better Primary Care Experience for Both Patients and Doctors – October 1, 2021, Natalie Gentile, MD

Your Patients CAN Fight to Fair Market Value & DPC Legislative Update – April 30, 2020, Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA

The Urgent Need for Physician Entrepreneurship — G. Keith Smith, MD, September, 19, 2019

DPC in Texas and In-Office Dispensing Reform, Katarina Lindley, MD, February 2019

DPC Legal Update, February 2019 – Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA

Third-Party-Free Practice: Thriving in an Era of Over-Regulation – October 2018

Videos from Thrive, Not Just Survive XXVII, April 2018

Videos from Thrive, Not Just Survive XXV, January 2017

Plan Your Escape Now: Jane Hughes, MD on Medicare Non-Par and Trevor Woodhams, MD on Medicare disenrolled status. September 2016.

Lessons from the Epicenter of Price Transparency: Keith Smith, MD; Chris Paskowski, MD; Jay Kempton. September 2016.

Video from 5/20/2016 Thrive, Not Just Survive XXIV, Dallas

Video from 1/29/2016 Thrive, Not Just Survive XXIII, Orlando

Full Video from 6/5/2015 Thrive, Not Just Survive XXII, Raleigh

Full Video from 1/9/2015 Thrive, Not Just Survive XXI, New Orleans

The Psychology of Direct Pay Medicine – Robert Emmons, MD & Josh Umbehr, MD – September 2014

Full Video from 5/8/2014 Thrive, Not Just Survive XX, Minneapolis

Family Physician Michael Ciampi, MD transitions to Third-Party-Free FFS & DPC, 1/31/2014

Josh Umbehr, MD of Atlas.MD on Membership Model Direct Primary Care, 1/31/2014

Full Video From 8/10/2013 Thrive, Not Just Survive XIX, Minneapolis

Provisioning for the Opt Out Journey – Ophthalmologist David Richardson, MD, September 2013

Get Out and Stay Out: starting a cash-based, third-party-free practice, Juliette Madrigal Dersch, MD – Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Opting Out of Medicare: a case study, Adam Harris, MD – Orthopedic Surgeon

Cash Based, Third-Party-Free Surgery, R. Anders Rosendahl, MD

Article About Dr. Rosendahl’s practice: http://www.physicianspractice.com/articles/he-does-it-his-way

Third Party Free Dermatology – Kathleen Brown, MD & Jack Brown; Surgery Center of Oklahoma – Keith Smith, MD, September 2012

No Insurance Surgery, Kevin Petersen, M.D. – http://www.noinsurancesurgery.com

Surgery Center of Oklahoma featured at Reason.com – Read Article

Medicare Payment Options, The Basics: Lawrence Huntoon, MD, PhD

Internist/Pediatrician Juliette Madrigal Dersch, MD and Anesthesiologist G. Keith Smith, MD, July 2012, Washington, DC

Opting Out of Medicare / Reducing 3rd Party Payment: Hand Surgeon Paul Gorman, MD, January 2012

Third Party Free Practice: George Watson, D.O. – Wichita, KS, From the Brink to a Blessing

Cash, FFS, Based Family Practice: Family Practice Physician Howard Long, MD

Family Practice Physician Susan Wasson, MD goes insurance free, FFS Family Medicine

Concierge Model, Marcy Zwelling, MD

A Medicare/Managed Care-Free Out-Patient Surgery Center, G Keith Smith, M.D., September 2008

Concierge/Direct Practices, September 2008:

Texas Physician Opts Out of Medicare and Patients are Happier

Third Party Free Otolaryngologist Girard Gianoli, MD

Click Here for a list of physicians and practices that are completely third-party free.

For a list of cash friendly practices see: https://aaps.wufoo.com/reports/m5p6z0/. When the patient pays directly, the patient and doctor decide on the appropriate treatment NOT the government or big-insurance company.

Are you a physician with a cash friendly practice? Add your name to the list here: https://aaps.wufoo.com/forms/z7p0q5/

CLICK HERE to locate a list of physicians opted-out of Medicare in your state.

If you are eligible for Medicare you may be finding it difficult to get an appointment. Opted-out doctors are able to work for Medicare patients outside of the restrictions set by the government. Thus they can more promptly and thoroughly attend to your medical needs.

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