How Vermont Representatives Voted on Health Freedom Amendment


Purpose of Amendment: “To ensure that Vermont residents have the ability to enter into voluntary financial arrangements with their health care providers. It would also prohibit the Green Mountain Care Board from placing restrictions on health care professionals’ practice locations.” (See H.311. This amendment originated as a stand-alone bill.)

Yeas, 44. Nays, 94.

Those who voted in the affirmative were:

Batchelor of Derby
Beyor of Highgate
Bouchard of Colchester
Branagan of Georgia
Brennan of Colchester
Browning of Arlington
Canfield of Fair Haven
Condon of Colchester
Corcoran of Bennington
Cupoli of Rutland City
Devereux of Mount Holly
Dickinson of St. Albans Town
Donaghy of Poultney
Fagan of Rutland City
Feltus of Lyndon
Gage of Rutland City
Goodwin of Weston
Hebert of Vernon
Helm of Fair Haven
Higley of Lowell
Hubert of Milton
Johnson of Canaan
Koch of Barre Town
Komline of Dorset
Larocque of Barnet
Lawrence of Lyndon
Lewis of Berlin
Marcotte of Coventry
McFaun of Barre Town
Morrissey of Bennington
Myers of Essex
Pearce of Richford
Quimby of Concord
Savage of Swanton
Scheuermann of Stowe
Shaw of Pittsford
Smith of New Haven
Strong of Albany
Terenzini of Rutland Town
Turner of Milton
Van Wyck of Ferrisburgh
Wilson of Manchester
Winters of Williamstown
Wright of Burlington

Those who voted in the negative were:

Ancel of Calais
Bartholomew of Hartland
Bissonnette of Winooski
Botzow of Pownal
Burke of Brattleboro
Buxton of Tunbridge
Campion of Bennington
Carr of Brandon
Cheney of Norwich
Christie of Hartford
Clarkson of Woodstock
Cole of Burlington
Connor of Fairfield
Conquest of Newbury
Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford
Dakin of Chester
Davis of Washington
Deen of Westminster
Donahue of Northfield
Donovan of Burlington
Ellis of Waterbury
Emmons of Springfield
Fay of St. Johnsbury
Fisher of Lincoln
Frank of Underhill
French of Randolph
Gallivan of Chittenden
Grad of Moretown
Greshin of Warren
Haas of Rochester
Head of South Burlington
Heath of Westford
Hooper of Montpelier
Huntley of Cavendish
Jerman of Essex
Jewett of Ripton
Johnson of South Hero
Juskiewicz of Cambridge
Keenan of St. Albans City
Kitzmiller of Montpelier
Klein of East Montpelier
Krebs of South Hero
Krowinski of Burlington
Lanpher of Vergennes
Lenes of Shelburne
Lippert of Hinesburg
Macaig of Williston
Malcolm of Pawlet
Manwaring of Wilmington
Marek of Newfane
Martin of Springfield
Martin of Wolcott
Masland of Thetford
McCarthy of St. Albans City
McCormack of Burlington
McCullough of Williston
Michelsen of Hardwick
Miller of Shaftsbury
Mitchell of Fairfax
Mook of Bennington
Moran of Wardsboro
Mrowicki of Putney
Nuovo of Middlebury
O’Brien of Richmond
O’Sullivan of Burlington
Partridge of Windham
Pearson of Burlington
Peltz of Woodbury
Potter of Clarendon
Pugh of South Burlington
Rachelson of Burlington
Russell of Rutland City
Sharpe of Bristol
Spengler of Colchester
Stevens of Waterbury
Stevens of Shoreham
Stuart of Brattleboro
Sweaney of Windsor
Taylor of Barre City
Till of Jericho
Toleno of Brattleboro
Toll of Danville
Townsend of Randolph
Townsend of South
Trieber of Rockingham
Vowinkel of Wilder
Waite-Simpson of Essex
Webb of Shelburne
Weed of Enosburgh
Wizowaty of Burlington
Woodward of Johnson
Yantachka of Charlotte
Young of Glover
Zagar of Barnard

Those members absent with leave of the House and not voting were:

Burditt of West Rutland
Consejo of Sheldon
Cross of Winooski
Evans of Essex
Kilmartin of Newport City
Kupersmith of South
Poirier of Barre City
Ralston of Middlebury
Ram of Burlington
Shaw of Derby
South of St. Johnsbury

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