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Physicians are outnumbered by lawyers in Congress 19 to 202.
Help send more doctors to DC!

Co-founder of the Doctors Tea Party, Wayne Iverson, M.D. has been a staunch opponent of ObamaCare and government-controlled healthcare.  Now he is running for Congress in his home district in the San Diego area.

Please consider supporting Dr. Iverson today.  Your support before the end of 2011 will help demonstrate that physicians are standing up to make a difference in DC.

To support Dr. Iverson online CLICK HERE.  Or you can CLICK HERE to download a form to print out and mail in. 

Two years ago, Dr. Iverson was appointed as the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Coordinator of the California Chapter in order to support physicians in private practice in that state. To do this, he produced the AAPS California Chapter Website and in August of  2009 had a one day meeting in San Diego entitled Winning Strategies by AAPS. Subsequently at the AAPS Annual Meeting in 2009, he was elected to serve on the AAPS Board of Directors.

Last year, Dr. Iverson was the Co-organizer and Co-moderator for the National Doctors Tea Party in San Diego on August 7th. This event featured 20 well known speakers including Roger Hedgecock and US Senate Candidate for Nevada Sharron Angle.

Watch Dr. Iverson introduce Sharron Angle at the 2010 Doctors Tea Party, which he organized along with his San Diego colleague, Adam Dorin, MD.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — San Diego physician and community leader Wayne Iverson, MD announces his candidacy for the US House of Representatives in the new California 52nd Congressional District. Dr. Iverson's entry into this race comes after three years of successfully challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Dr. Iverson says that "we have been tracking the new healthcare reform law since President Obama's first day in office. From the start, this federal law has been poorly crafted, it greatly over-reaches and it distorts the delivery of medical professional services." Additionally Dr. Iverson said, "Obamacare is now being challenged at the highest legal levels in this country with doctors telling the US Supreme Court that this government controlled healthplan is harmful to patients and is unconstitutional." The latter message was conveyed in an amicus brief filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), an organization which Dr. Iverson serves as a board member.

Dr. Iverson graduated from Northwestern University Medical School and completed his residency training at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Internal Medicine. During his professional career of 34 years he has been in private practice, active in medical professional organizations, volunteer faculty for the University of California San Diego (UCSD), and a Clinical Professor of Medicine. At Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla he established the institution's Graduate Medical Education program and chaired the program for several years. Dr. Iverson's experience also includes expertise in healthplan development and healthcare contracting when he served in the past as consultant to various hospital chains and managed care entities. According to Dr. Iverson, "The seriousness and the extent of the problems in Obamacare are obvious and the public deserves to have these problems addressed."

Addressing the problems of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is precisely what Dr. Iverson has done. While the Bill was being voted upon by the US Senate, at AAPS Dr. Iverson and his colleagues did a complete read-a-thon on the Bill. Within days he arranged a candlelight vigil at the San Diego offices of US Senator Diane Feinstein in protest of that Bill that was passed under disheartening circumstances which included the notorious Corn Husker Kickback. "After that, we filed our own lawsuit against Obamacare in Federal Court in Washington D.C. just 3 days after President Obama signed the Bill into law," said Dr. Iverson, adding, "and then I continued to take my concerns directly to the public in rallies, tea parties and town hall meetings."

As a result of the 2010 US Census, new Congressional districts have been drawn throughout the country. Dr. Iverson actively supported his long-standing local Congressman, Duncan D. Hunter, but Hunter's area was moved east of the new 52nd District, which currently does not have an incumbent. For over 20 years, Dr. Iverson has lived and had his medical offices in this area and considers this open new CA 52nd Congressional District as an opportunity to personally go to Washington, D.C. and continue to fight. According to Dr. Iverson, "The battle will be to have Obamacare repealed legislatively or revoked by the US Supreme Court, and replaced with new wholesome healthcare legislation. We need new legislation that doesn't cost the tax payers trillions of dollars while removing 500 billion dollars from our seniors' Medicare trust account." Dr. Iverson sees his successful bid for the CA 52nd Congressional District seat an opportunity to serve his community by securing fiscally responsible, constitutionally sound healthcare reform.

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