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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

Who We Are:

  • AAPS is a national association of physicians dedicated to preserving freedom in the one-on-one patient- physician relationship.
  • AAPS members believe this patient-physician relationship must be protected from all forms of third-party intervention.
  • Since its founding in 1943, AAPS has been the only national organization consistently supporting the principles of the free
    market in medical practice.

What We’ve Done:

  • AAPS has successfully fought in the courts for the rights of patients and physicians. Victories have included:
    1. protecting physicians against threats of HHS sanctions for unassigned billing for laboratory tests at a time when such billing was perfectly legal (AAPS v. Bowen I and II);
    2. establishing the right of physicians to be heard in federal court in a challenge to a fee freeze (Whitney v. Heckler);
    3. challenging HCFA’s attempt to abrogate the freedom of patients and physicians to contract privately if no Medicare benefits are claimed (Stewart v. Sullivan);
    4. bringing to light the illegal secret operations of the President’s Task Force on Health Care Reform (AAPS v. Clinton).
  • AAPS sponsors seminars throughout the country to instruct physicians in economic, legal, and political issues pertinent to the practice of medicine.
  • AAPS testifies on invitation before committees in the US Senate and House of Representatives .
  • AAPS networks with physician and patient groups to inform the public about true free market reforms (such as Medical Savings Accounts) as an alternate to more-of-the-same nostrums that caused the crisis in medical costs.

Why You Should Join Us:

  • You’ll have access to the AAPS Limited Legal Consultation Service, an information and consulting service, which will provide you with answers to a wide range of legal questions in the field of health law. This service is available to members only.
  • You’ll receive AAPS News, a monthly newsletter full of the latest information on what’s new in the world of private medicine-including a monthly legislative update.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to attend AAPS meetings and become acquainted with other members of the Delta Force of private medicine.
  • You’ll receive periodic Action Alerts about pending legislation and regulations.
  • You’ll receive The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, a peer-reviewed quarterly that fearlessly takes on the
    controversial issues, even if it makes the establishment “uncomfortable.”

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