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Join our 77-year (and growing) tradition of protecting the patient-physician relationship.

Take just a few minutes to read the below message from AAPS Executive Director Jane M. Orient, M.D. about why you should join AAPS today.

“These physicians understand the Hippocratic Oath!” shouted a cancer patient on Twitter after we submitted our objections to the latest federal outrage: new CPT codes to encourage non-physicians to talk Medicare patients into dying sooner. Medicare wants to pay “providers”—mostly non-physician hospital employees—to talk patients into consenting to waive access to food, water, and basic medical care.

We learned about this proposed regulation just prior to a holiday weekend, and we worked over the weekend to meet the deadline for objecting. AAPS has been devoted to helping patients since 1943, and with your help we will continue as long as private medicine is under siege.

Hospitals, insurance companies, medical boards, the federal government, and ObamaCare are all putting us in peril. Yet we remain as optimistic as ever.

On the legal front, we continue to participate in several precedent-setting cases, and look to achieve even more in 2020.

Imagine government agents knocking on your door to demand that you turn over your patients’ medical records—without the consent of patients or a warrant. The Fourth Amendment should prevent this. But at the rate that the government is going, physicians and our patients may end up with fewer rights than detainees at Guantanamo Bay!

AAPS filed an amicus brief before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in U.S. v. Zadeh, which challenges the government’s use of administrative subpoenas—no permission from a judge needed—to seize records for fishing expeditions.

The AMA and the Texas Medical Association did nothing in this case to defend the central part of the patient-physician relationship: confidentiality. AAPS often stands alone against the many enemies of private medicine. The forces on the other side have grabbed control of our medical schools and most medical societies.

But a few dedicated people with modest resources can prevail. Please help us by renewing your membership in AAPS, or donating to our tax-deductible legal fund, the American Health Legal Foundation.

Another challenge to confidentiality is on the State level. A total of 16 States are quietly building databases of medical record information. As insurance companies consolidate, and as increasing numbers of States become Big Brother through these databases, the foundation is being laid for a “single payer” and government control over all of medical care.

So we filed an amicus brief against a State’s gathering of medical record information about patients, in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court: Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual Ins. Co., No 14-181. We were the only medical society to file a brief in that case. The Supreme Court ruled in our favor and this victory is now likely to help stop other improper state incursions into your medical freedom.

On the legislative front, AAPS and our members have already won victories against the enemies of private medicine in several legislatures, including Texas and North Carolina. In addition, the medical boards in Missouri and Ohio came out on our side by opposing the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which would adopt Maintenance of Certification (MOC) by law.

MOC is a crass money-making scheme that would be a joke if it were not such a burden on practicing physicians. One recent study estimated that MOC imposes $5.7 billion in costs on the medical system, and that does not include the costs of “failing” scores and the lack of due process for physicians to challenge the results. We have sued to stop MOC.

At AAPS, we have been fighting for private medicine for more than 77 years. The other side doesn’t quit, so neither do we, and we have truth on our side.

As the patient-physician relationship is being eroded, patients are suffering, and many patients are also turning to AAPS for leadership. Now more than ever, it is crucial for patients to have an independent physician advocate. AAPS leads the way in the fight to preserve the ability of physicians to remain independent.

AAPS continues to provide our Limited Legal Consultation Service for our members who need legal help. Recently a member, faced with sham peer review, obtained expert assistance from us that he needed in a hurry, which facilitated his favorable result.

Just one phone call to us can be worth far more than the cost of a membership! Please rejoin and support us now.

Jane Orient, MD
AAPS Executive Director

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