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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

ACOs – Accountable Care Organizations
Information about Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). ACOs are a rehashed version of the failed closed HMO model of the 1970s and 80s, where the government poured millions of dollars into private enterprises that supposedly were rewarded when they kept the patients well. 

Anti-trust issues in the practice of medicine.

CPT Codes
Information about CPT Codes and the AMA’s conflict of interest.

Disaster Preparedness
Information on medical related issues regarding preparing for natural and man-made disasters.

Articles on economics in medicine.

Information pertaining to elections relevant to the practice of medicine.

Electronic Medical Records
Information about the implications of Electronic Medical Records for patients and their physicians.

Items related to Food and Drug Administration regulations impacting the practice of medicine.

Information about physician prosecutions for Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance fraud.

Healthcare Reform
Articles about healthcare reform.

Illegal Immigrants and Medicine
How do illegal immigrants challenge the U.S. medical system.

Articles regarding physician licensure requirements and related topics.

Maintenance of Certification
Get up to date on the latest information in the fight to Stop MOC.

Articles and briefings on the current problems and proposed free market solutions to the Medicaid programs in the 50 states.

Medical Ethics
Articles and commentary on ethics related to the practice of medicine.

Medical Privacy
How secure are your medical records? Information about threats to medical privacy from the government, insurance companies, electronic medical records, etc.

Issues and challenges for physicians and patients regarding Medicare.

ObamaCare Lawsuit
AAPS filed suit in March 2010 seeking to overturn the PPACA.

Pain Management
Doctors who treat chronic pain are increasingly targeted, prosecuted, and sent to prison by the Drug Enforcement Agency and Dept. of Justice. This war on doctors has led to widespread undertreatment of patients who require schedule 2 pharmaceuticals to relieve their pain.

Practice Guidelines
Information on clinical practice guidelines.

Sham Peer Review
Physicians who advocate for quality patient care in their hospital as well as those who are non-employee competitors of the hospital where they have privileges are too often the target of illegitimate peer review actions.

Texas Medical Board
The Texas Medical Board is being challenged on several fronts for unfairly disciplining physicians without proper cause or due process.

The Constitution
AAPS is committed to providing healthcare services and promoting legislature that align with our country’s Constitution.

Third Party Free Practice
Articles and tools to help you with creating or growing your third-party-free practice.

Information concerning the issue of mandatory vaccination and implications for physicians and patients.

Veterans Administration
Physicians’ perspectives on the Veterans Administration crisis.