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Legal Update for 2022-2023


We achieved multiple legal triumphs this year!!!

And we plan to accomplish even more in 2023, with your help.

It was a Triple Crown of wins for AAPS in 2022, thanks to your support.

A 9-0 victory for us before the U.S. Supreme Court, in favor of physicians against prosecutions. Then Biden fully disbanded his Ministry of Truth – the Disinformation Governance Board – after we sued to stop it. And we helped restore the friendly skies by winning one for airline pilots and flight attendees against vaccine mandates.  

All this and more we achieved in the last year, with your generous support!

Let’s first celebrate our big victories, and next let’s discuss how 2023 will be even bigger and better for freedom in medicine for patients.

Our 9-0 victory in the U.S. Supreme Court. Unanimous verdicts by the divided Court on significant issues are rare. Even rarer is a court ruling in favor of the rights of physicians against overzealous prosecutors.

We helped achieve both in defense of a good physician sentenced to 21 years in prison. The feds did a sting operation against him and found nothing wrong.  Undercover agents can be very artful in entrapping someone, presenting themselves more deceptively than Hollywood actors, but Dr. Xiulu Ruan passed the sting with flying colors.  

 Recall how in 2022 several physicians were murdered by a post-operative patient who was frustrated in being unable to obtain pain relief. Yet Dr. Ruan received 21 years in prison because he competently treated pain. At trial and on appeal, Dr. Ruan was denied a basic good faith defense of having prescribed pain medications in good faith.

Due Process, please???  Some prosecutors do not want to allow any defenses.  Some courts do not want to allow physician-defendants to assert strong defenses.  Dr. Ruan was denied his basic right, dating back hundreds of years, for the jury to be instructed that it should acquit if the physician acted in good faith, as he had.

Our amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court was strong. All nine justices agreed with our argument, and ruled against the convictions that deny physicians their good faith   defense. By a 9-0 margin, we were right and the prosecutors of physicians were wrong!

R.I.P. Disinformation Government Board, a.k.a. Ministry of Truth, thanks to our lawsuit against it. Biden and his henchmen had merely paused it amid public criticism.  

Your continued support made this victory against Biden possible! His Orwellian mindset is to create the Biden police state, and many are recognizing it to be.

Then we filed suit in federal court in Galveston, Texas. This city is best known for the Hurricane of 1900 that destroyed almost everything while killing 8,000 people and leaving another 10,000 homeless. Now it is a place of resistance against D.C. tyranny.

Several weeks after we sued the Biden Administration in Galveston, citing its violations of law establishing what George Orwell aptly called its Ministry of Truth, Biden folded. Biden then officially and fully disbanded its Disinformation Governance Board!

Restoring the friendly skies against vaccine tyranny. The terrible travel disruptions at our airports for the past few years have been due to how the major airlines have pushed the agenda of Biden by requiring pilots and flight attendants to be vaccinated, almost without any exemptions, leaving shortages in staff.  

Airline workers who decline based on a religious or medical exemption are banished without pay, causing the airlines to be understaffed and requiring cancellations.  Thousands of innocent travelers have been stranded in airports on busy weekends by this.

We filed a very strong amicus brief in support of the pilots and flight attendants in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.  Many consider that to be the finest court in the country, presiding in New Orleans over Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

“Mandatory vaccination is a pathway to unprecedented new controls on travel, employment, schooling, religious worship, and other fundamental liberties,” we told the Fifth Circuit.  Yet corporate United Airlines, represented by the same law firm on Capitol Hill in D.C. that represents congressmen, insisted on the same tyranny that Biden and Democrats in Congress have attempted with their Covid vaccine mandates.

After we filed our strong brief, the entire “en banc” Fifth Circuit voted 13-4 on our side and against the tyranny imposed by corporate United when it imposed the Biden vaccine mandate without meaningful exemptions.  The other side was stunned by the lopsided score in our victory and their defeat.

The above three victories help turn the tide of the endless waves pounding against private medicine.  We could not have achieved these victories without your support.

And we are not stopping now, as we plan to build on our momentum for an even more victorious 2023!  Here is what we’re cooking, dependent on your continued support:

Our new federal lawsuit against specialty boards that threaten physicians with disciplinary action for speaking out for hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, and against mask and vaccine mandates. Our AAPS members saved hundreds of thousands of Americans with this early treatment for Covid-19.

For that, and speaking out to help others, physicians are going to be disciplined???  Absolutely not, and we’ve filed a federal lawsuit against specialty boards to stop their retaliation.

This issue will continue into 2023, as the specialty boards are cracking down against the supporters of freedom. They are accustomed to bullying others while pursuing an agenda that enriches themselves and imposes Biden’s mandates.

Our amicus brief, as requested, in support of ivermectin and against the FDA’s interference with it. Our phones rang off the hook after we filed this one, because everyone (except hospitals and the FDA) knows how effective ivermectin was in saving lives.  Hospitals and the FDA know it too, but interfered with physicians’ use of it.

Recall the absurd photo tweeted by the FDA of a woman in scrubs standing next to a horse, falsely pretending that humans should not take ivermectin because horses do?  The FDA misleadingly proclaimed that ivermectin is not approved for Covid-19, when of course 25% of medications are off-label and have long been used to treat new uses.

Our brief seeks to hold the FDA accountable for its interference with physicians during Covid-19.

Our amicus brief against Biden’s vaccine mandate on federal workers, which we filed with the Fifth Circuit en banc (entire court).  We expect to win big against this oppressive mandate! A leading judge on the Fifth Circuit asked if the government thought a president such as Biden could order federal workers to lose a little weight, too!

Our amicus brief against the CDC’s mask mandate against travelers, in a big case pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta. If we have to “go en banc” to establish that the CDC lacks authority to impose a senseless mask mandate against air passengers, train riders, and subway passengers, then we will.

Our planned upcoming participation in the lawsuit against California AB 2098, which shockingly authorizes its medical boards to retaliate based on what physicians say to their patients.  We need to object to its unconstitutionality before other states imitate this, and we will oppose in court this horrible new law with your support.

AAPS saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients because the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship still exists, but its enemies try to snuff it out.  We will never allow that to happen!

Please help support our work continuing into 2023, by giving the gift that will count the most of all:  a gift to protect the practice of private medicine far into the future.


Jane M. Orient, M.D.

P.S. Your donations last year helped save freedom from Covid tyranny, and your continued support will help prevent it from ever happening again! If you can kindly give at least $250, it would be immensely appreciated as we seek to hold the Covid tyrants legally accountable, and as we also stand up against the specialty boards.

P.P.S. Your donation for the future of medicine is tax-deductible. An early contribution now can pay big dividends for medical freedom in 2023!!!

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