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Legal Update for 2021-2022

AAPS Rises to Oppose “Covid-1984” Medicine

Our Spectacular Conference Launches our Expansion

“The best medical conference I’ve ever attended,” gushed one physician at the end of our recent conference.  “The finest in 20 years,” another said.

Our membership and donations are up.  If we saw you at our recent sold-out annual conference in Pittsburgh, then you already know how wonderful it was to get together amid the relentless assaults on our freedoms.  If not, we missed you!

Lenin said, “Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”  Public health tyranny is taking over, but AAPS fights for freedom and we will prevail.

We are the “remnant,” one member said.  Our conference speakers stood up against the socialism and lies of public health authorities.  Can you help us fight? 

We will emerge from this unprecedented assault on our Constitution with a more knowledgeable public, which is increasingly supporting private medicine.  Millions realize now, many for the 1st time, how essential independent medicine is.

In our lawsuit against the FDA concerning its interference with hydroxychloroquine, we compared its conduct to that of Josef Stalin in 1932.  Stalin starved millions of Ukrainian farmers to death by withholding grain, while the FDA withholds 100 million doses of donated HCQ here from Covid patients.

Board specialty societies even threaten to revoke certification of good physicians who speak the truth about early treatment and vaccines for Covid.  The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) has also demanded that medical boards discipline physicians who speak out against the establishment view.

Oral argument has been scheduled for December 10 in our lawsuit against Rep. Adam Schiff, to halt the terrible censorship on the internet as caused by powerful Democrats in Congress.  We hope the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit will finally rein in the censors on Capitol Hill.

At our recent fun-filled conference we summarized our current litigation and charted a path to freedom ahead.  Please read on below to see the highlights.

“Covid-1984” was the most accurate term used by one of our conference attendees to describe Covid-19.  This virus is being used to install a “1984” totalitarianism that would make the famous book author George Orwell blush.

Fearless was our attendance as we sold out our conference, at a downtown hotel which had been able to hold only a few conferences since Covid began.  Many hugs, handshakes, and tears adorned the large meeting room that we filled.

Dr. Peter McCollough gave stirring remarks about the perils that our nation and the practice of medicine face.  He was so grateful for AAPS standing in support of him.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the Chinese dissent who courageously exposed the manmade origins of Covid-19, made a surprise appearance and presentation.  “Chinese do not eat bats,” the delightful Dr. Yan explained to uproarious applause.

Our legal counsel, Andy Schlafly, explained that we have a record number of cases pending before U.S. Courts of Appeals, more than ever in our history.  Recently we filed an amicus brief before the Texas Supreme Court, too!

We supply urgent legal information to any physician who is retaliated against for providing early treatment for Covid-19, or for criticizing a Covid vaccine.  We stand by any time for physicians to call us for help, day or night.

As you probably know, hospitals have cut off certain medications and even visits by loved ones to in-patients who test positive for Covid-19.  Some courts have even ordered hospitals to stop blocking ivermectin treatment of dying patients, while hospitals remain obstinate to advance their own agenda.

The tyranny by hospitals in blocking medications prescribed by physicians, and ordering vaccine mandates, makes our work against sham peer review more important than ever!  We start with good news about our successes on that.

  1. Victories against Sham Peer Review!

Though always longshot cases, we won two separate tremendous victories in sham peer review this year, both in the Midwest.  In both cases the physician was traumatized by the intimidating, terrifying ambushes.

 One of our big victories against sham peer review this year was at a major state university system, after the physician had been victimized by a pack of lies told by medical school residents against him.  The good physician – whose record had been impeccable – had nowhere else to turn other than for us to vindicate him.

Our other victory was more public:  in a court of law, where the hospital was so thoroughly disproven by our expert Dr. Lawrence Huntoon that it threw in the towel.  The hospital then agreed to void its sham discipline of the good physician.

Chalk up two wins for the good side!  Hospitals have become islands of dictatorship and only AAPS consistently stands up for physicians in this arena.

  1. AAPS v. Rep. Adam Schiff

 When no one else would sue Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for the censorship on the internet that he and other Leftist politicians have incited, AAPS stepped up to the plate.  We complained about how letters he sent to Google, Facebook, and Amazon began the steamroller of suffocating censorship that ensued.

This is not about mere speech on the House floor which is protected by the Speech or Debate Clause in the Constitution, as Rep. Schiff argued in response to our lawsuit.  Instead, our lawsuit is about contact he made with West Coast behemoths to complain about speech disliked by some in the Capitol.

Freedom of speech should not be a controversial issue today, but powerful forces increasingly control what say, hear, and perhaps even think.  Takedowns by YouTube are all too common now, depriving Americans of access to information.

Our landmark lawsuit takes center stage before the D.C. Circuit at 9:30am on December 10, where we will argue against the censorship.  This is a positive development because not every appeal is scheduled for oral argument.

The internet is for the dissemination of information, not the suppression of it.  AAPS will continue to fight censorship caused by tin-pot politicians and others.

  1. AAPS v. American Board of Medical Specialties

We appealed our lawsuit against Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and the American Board of Medical Specialties to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, which presides in Chicago.  Oral argument was held on Sept. 15.

Incredibly, the trial judge had found implausible any conspiracy by ABMS with hospitals and insurers to require MOC, and the appellate court agreed.

There is so much restraint of trade by MOC that multiple states have enacted good laws against it.  Fortunately, our lawsuit may have deterred state medical boards from requiring certification, which some were pondering when we started, and next we consider suing hospitals and insurers to halt their MOC mandates.

  1. AAPS v. FDA

Watching our strongest, Trump-appointed appellate judges tiptoe around public health tyrants is a pathetic spectacle to behold.  Despite our best efforts, no court would order HHS to release its stockpile of 100 million donated doses of HCQ, which HHS denies to the public while it wastes away.

Meanwhile, the FDA sends out a sarcastic tweet against ivermectin with a photo of a woman physician treating a horse.  The FDA’s conduct amuses no one.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Socialists have seized upon Covid-19 to transform our country in ways unimaginable merely 20 months ago.  AAPS will not let this happen, and with your generous, tax-deductible support we will all emerge stronger!

We file the lawsuits that need to be filed, while no one else will.  Please be as generous as you can to our legal arm, the American Health Legal Foundation.  Our lawsuits help stop and even roll back the terrible tyranny.

Please give the gift that counts most:  preserving private medicine!!

P.S. Only with your donations can we save freedom from Covid tyranny! If you can kindly give at least $250, it would go a long way to saving medical freedom.

P.P.S. Your donation for the future of medicine is tax-deductible. An early contribution now can pay big dividends for freedom in patient care in 2022!

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