AAPS Endorses Dr. Stuart Spitzer for Texas House District 4


The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS), a voice for private medicine since in 1943, gives its strongest endorsement to Republican Dr. Stuart Spitzer in Texas House District 4 (southeast of Dallas). Dr. Spitzer’s opponent in the primary is the weak freshman legislator Lance Gooden, who has been inadequate in speaking out for patients, physicians, and other important values.

We are confident that, once elected, Dr. Spitzer will lead the way to full reform of the Texas Medical Board, which the Texas Medical Association blocked and diluted in the last session.

This upcoming primary election gives us a unique opportunity to elect a strong leader. Dr. Stuart Spitzer has long been a solid supporter of the principles of private and ethical medicine. Dr. Spitzer is an “across-the-board” conservative who will be effective on many issues. In House District 4, the winner of the Republican primary almost certainly wins the general election.

Dr. Spitzer has practiced medicine locally for many years, building a large and well-deserved following of patients. He is just the kind of candidate we need in the Texas House of Representatives.

The liberal-leaning TMA supported Lance Gooden in the last election, and may expect him to work behind the scenes next session to block real medical board reform, just as other TMA politicians did last time. We expect Gooden to carry the water for the TMA after he relies on its support.

That is why we need to elect Dr. Spitzer, who will be a leader and a champion for medical board reform and ethical medicine. While the TMA was spending its efforts trying to deny the right of women to see sonograms taken prior to performing abortions, AAPS and Dr. Spitzer were standing up for ethical medicine and the informed consent of patients’ being able to view sonograms taken on them. The Fifth Circuit agreed with us in completely upholding that law.

Dr. Spitzer has already been endorsed by other conservative leaders in Texas, and AAPS is proud to give him our strongest endorsement. Please consider supporting his important campaign so that we can place some strong leaders in the Texas statehouse.

AAPS is the only medical organization to stand up for physicians and patients by suing the Texas Medical Board, which disciplines physicians at four times the rate of the New York medical board. AAPS won against the TMB on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and has since established an historic precedent for disclosure of confidential complaints against physicians as part of discovery in federal litigation.

Learn more about Dr. Spitzer at http://stuartspitzer.com/

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