AAPS member on Neil Cavuto – “Will Not Comply”


AAPS member Linda Johnston, MD wrote her patients on Tuesday following the signing of the health care “reform” bill.  Her letter read in part:

“I am responding to the situation created by this new law by exercising my right not to participate in any health insurance program. I will still provide you with the same medical services that I always have, but the interaction will be exclusively and privately between you and me.”

Her full letter was featured at National Review Online.

Dr. Johnston will be on the Neil Cavuto show later today between 4pm and 5pm EDT on the Fox News Channel.  If made available we will post the footage at the Take Back Medicine video blog: http://www.takebackmedicine.com/video .  In the meantime you can watch AAPS member Lee Vliet, M.D.’s appearance on Fox News from yesterday.

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  1. Yea, that’s fine if you are calling for payments for office visits and low costs. But once someone shows up needing an operation, how are they going to pay in cash.
    You fall and break your hip. Is Dr. Johnston going to perform that operation for cash.
    I hardly think so. Nice political point, but so much of a lie.