AAPS Restoring Freedom Town Hall – Videos


On May 18, 2012 AAPS held a patient and physician town hall meeting in Somerset, NJ.

If you missed the event or just want to see a presentation again, below are the videos from all eleven of the evening’s presenters.

Watch and learn from top-experts on the problems with ObamaCare and the true free-market based solutions.

Ralph Weber, Moderator – http://www.MediBid.com
Introducing Part I of Patient and Physician Town Hall

Mr. Weber, a Canadian who left Canada because his family could not get needed medical care, introduces the first part of the town hall, focusing on the problems with government-run healthcare.

Grace Marie TurnerGalen Institute
Why ObamaCare must be repealed, how it can happen, & what are the real answers.

Grace Marie Turner, President of http://www.Galen.org, explains why ObamaCare must go before the American medical care system is buried further in bureaucracy and the American people are strangled by taxation. The possible outcomes of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision, the critical 2012 elections, and the importance of allowing true market-based solutions are also discussed by Ms. Turner.

Craig Wax, D.O. – http://HealthIsNumberOne.com
EHR Privacy and Security: Mission Impossible

New Jersey Family Medicine & Wellness physician Craig Wax, D.O. speaks about how the push for universal electronic medical records is hazardous to patient’s right to the privacy of their personal medical history. The supposed benefits of EHRs have not been proven, explains Dr. Wax. On the contrary they detract from the patient physician relationship and enable government and insurance company bureaucrats to more easily interfere in patient care. Dr. Wax hosts Your Health Matters on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM.

Andrew Schlafly, Esq. – AAPS General Counsel
Cash-Based Medical Practices Reduce Government and Insurance Company Interference

AAPS General Counsel, Andrew Schlafly, after giving insights into the upcoming Presidential election, outlines reasons for physicians to transition to third-party free medical practices.

Lee Kurisko, M.D. – Author – http://www.leekurisko.com/
A former Canadian physician speaks out about dangers of socialized medicine.

Radiologist Lee Kurisko, MD gives a first hand account about how government-controlled healthcare hurts patients.

Donna RovitoLehigh Valley Coalition for Healthcare Reform
Frivolous Medical Malpractice Suits: No Harm Done?

Medical liability reform expert, Donna Rovito of the Lehigh Valley Coalition for Health Care Reform, speaks out about the enormous harm done to both patients and physicians by frivolous medical malpractice claims. She also addresses possible solutions to cut the financial waste and loss of patient access caused by this crisis. The current system benefits no one except the attorneys explains Ms. Rovito.

Murray Sabrin, Ph.D.Professor of Finance, Ramapo University
Beyond Broke: 100 years of increasing government-run health-care

Former New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Murray Sabrin explains why freedom works and big government solutions lead to higher costs, lower quality, and ultimately to failure. From AAPS Restoring Freedom Town Hall, May 18, 2012, Somerset, NJ.

Questions and Answers for the Panelists in Part I.

Moderated by Ralph Weber, the panelists from part 1 of the town hall answer questions from the audience. Panel 1 included Grace Marie Turner of http://Galen.org, Craig Wax, DO of http://healthisnumberone.com, AAPS General Counsel Andrew Schlafly, and Donna Rovito of the Lehigh Valley Coalition on Health Care Reform

Ralph Weber – Introducing Part II of Town Hall
Cash, Catastrophic Insurance, & Charity: the 3 C’s of Free-Market Health Care Reform

Ralph Weber introduces Part II of the Restoring Freedom Town Hall held 5/18/2012. He discusses 2 of the C’s needed to restore a true free market medical care system, catastrophic insurance and cash.

Nora Craig – Citizen Activist
True Charity vs. Government Handouts – Creating Volunteer Medical Clinics

Citizen activist Nora Craig talks at the Restoring Freedom town hall on May 18, 2012 about how concerned citizens and physicians can band together to create true charity medical clinics without taxpayer funding. These clinics can operate at much lower cost than federally-funded centers.

Jeffrey Liegner, M.D. – http://FreeClinicNewton.org
Why a physician started a true charity medical clinic.

Ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon Jeffrey Liegner, MD explains the reasons he opened a charity medical clinic. His clinic, in northwest New Jersey http://freeclinicnewton.org, does not take taxpayer dollars.

Alieta Eck, M.D.The Zaraphath Clinic
Medical Care for the Poor Without Taking Taxpayer Dollars

Alieta Eck, MD and her husband John Eck, MD feel a responsibility to help care for the poor. The bureaucratic red tape of the state run Medicaid program hindered their ability to provide medical care to the needy so they opened their own charity clinic. The Zarephath clinic in Somerset NJ is a true charity clinic dependent on voluntary contributions rather than taxpayer dollars. Their clinic http://www.zhcenter.org/ provides care to the poor at 1/10th of the cost of federally funded health centers. To encourage more physicians to volunteer their time in a similar fashion, the Ecks are working on passage of a law that would allow the state to cover medical liability for doctors who do so. Learn more at http://www.njaaps.org.

Questions and Answers for the Panelists in Part II.

Moderated by Ralph Weber, the panelists from Part II of the Restoring Freedom Town Hall answer questions from the audience. Panel 2 included Murray Sabrin, AAPS President Alieta Eck, MD, Jeff Liegner, MD, and citizen activist Nora Craig

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