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AAPS Statement on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” DEI in Medicine

1. Our country has been besieged by the Marxist-based ideology, known as “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” which is infiltrating the practice of medicine through medical schools, biomedical research, hiring practices, and government regulations.  Intrusion of DEI ideology into medical education and medical care is dangerous for patients and compels AAPS to issue this statement. 

2.  The ethical foundation of medical care dates back to the Oath of Hippocrates and obliges physicians to provide the best possible care individualized for each patient. Furthermore, safe, ethical, and highquality care requires individuals who have the intellectual capacity, motivation, academic achievement, and moral compass to successfully negotiate medical school, training, and ultimately the responsibility of rendering care for their patients. DEI dogma promotes false ideology and mandates that are antithetical to these obligations and requirements. 
3. Standards for students selected for medical school and postgraduate training, or for any physician, must be the same regardless of race, gender or other social metrics, and include a level of competence measured by academic achievement and standardized tests.  Standards must not include adherence to, or promotion of, ideologies that contradict fundamental Hippocratic principles of medical ethics.

4. Patients must not be prioritized, or discriminated against, based on their race, gender or any other politically favored, or disfavored, status. 

5. Our merit-based nation has been the most successful in history and has spent decades promoting equal opportunity for all citizens, celebrating achievement and supporting special needs.  America has raised the standard of living for the greatest number of its people, while nations that embrace ideologies that disparage merit tend to decay into widespread poverty. 

6. Vigorous and urgent actions must be launched to eliminate the destructive DEI ideology from every aspect of the medical profession before it is too late. Patients’ lives depend on it.

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