Action Alert: Tenn Care for All in “Healthcare Compact” HB 369


Healthcare Compacts are covered in sections 1331 and 1333 of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). In a nutshell, if the Healthcare Compact is passed AND approved by the secretary of HHS, it would establish an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) to oversee healthcare in Tennessee. It would still need to meet all of the ObamaCare requirements regarding coverage, including distribution through ObamaCare exchanges, the comprehensiveness of coverage, and would need to be administered in conjunction with TennCare.

Click here to see bottom of page 96 of ObamaCare; read the highlighted section.

Supporters will ask if you wouldn’t rather have the state regulate your healthcare than the feds. Rep. Pody claims HB 369 would enable a “detour” by the train headed to D.C.

(See his presentation here — Rep. Pody’s comments at 1 minute and 1:58).

The fact is that with the Compact the feds and an NGO would really be in charge, although the program would devour 65% of our state budget.


Please call Speaker Beth Harwell and tell her “NO to House Bill #369”!

615-741-0709 (O)

[email protected]

PLEASE also call your State House Representative and tell them to “VOTE NO on 369”, you don’t want the state to enact the ObamaCare compacts

Find your State House Rep here –

Here is a list of ALL of their e-mail addresses –

ACT NOW! A vote is expected tomorrow, Wed, Apr 25!

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