Ask AZ Legislators to Support End to Indefinite Emergency Declaration


The State of Arizona has been under Governor Ducey’s Declaration of Emergency for over 10 months. Executive orders issued under the State of Emergency have had many unintended consequences.

Constitutional rights have been suspended. Small businesses have been destroyed. Students have been prevented from attending school. Patients are blocked from accessing needed medical care. Physicians’ right to prescribe certain FDA-approved drugs for “off-label” indications has been impeded. These are only a few of the examples of harm.

It is time for the State of Emergency to end and for unjust orders to be revoked.

On Monday, January 25, 2021, The Arizona Senate Committee on Government is holding a hearing to consider approval of a number of bills to address this travesty.

Please send a quick note to your legislators asking them to support the measures under consideration at the hearing.

You can get a message on the way at the following link:

The proposals under consideration include:

SCR1001 Ends the emergency order by Gov. Doug Ducey declared on 3/11/2020

SCR1003 Requires that any extension of emergency orders be approved by the legislature. 

SCR1010 Requires a special session of the legislature to convene when the governor declares a state of emergency to address matters relating to the state of emergency.

SCR1014 Prohibits the governor from proclaiming a new state of emergency based on the same or substantially similar facts and circumstances without approval by the legislature. Limits state of emergency orders to 21 days, with 21 day extensions allowable with approval by the legislature.

SB1084 If the legislature declares an end to a state of emergency, the governor may not declare the same emergency again without legislative approval

Thank you for speaking out! Your voice makes a difference.

P.S. If you have an activated “Request to Speak” account at please sign in and indicate your support for the bill.