AZ Alert: Health Freedom Bills On Agenda at Feb. 9 Arizona Senate HHS Hearing


Greetings AAPS Members and Friends in Arizona,

This Wednesday morning, Feb. 9, at 8:30am, the Arizona State Senate Health and Human Services Committee will be holding a hearing that will include discussion on a number of important bills that affect patients and doctors across the state.

Bills of interest include:

SB1016 (Sen. Townsend) would prohibit pharmacies from refusing to dispense off-label prescriptions for potentially life-saving medications. 

Send a message to committee members asking for support of SB1016:

SB1052 (Sen. Townsend), SB1567 & SB1393 (Sen. Barto) address improper vaccine mandates and protect patients’ right to decline treatment or vaccination. SCR1047 (Sen. Barto) supports transparency in COVID-19 vaccination information.

Send a message to committee members asking for support of SB1052, SB1567, SB1393 & SCR1047:

SB1514 (Sen. Barto) protects patients’ rights to have visitors and communicate with individuals of their choosing while at a health care facilities.

Send a message to committee members asking for support of SB1514:

Other ways you can help:

1) If you have an RTS account at, please “sign in” in support of these bills.

2) If you are a physician or patient with practical experience on these issues, please consider testifying at the hearing. If you are interested in providing in-person testimony please respond to this email and we will provide additional information to you on that process.

Thank you for speaking out! Your voice makes a difference.