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AZ Alert: NO to SB 1167! Protect Patient Privacy

Dear AAPS Members and Friends in Arizona,

Your help is needed to stop a bad bill that removes your control over your own personal health information that is set to receive a vote in the Arizona State Senate.

If passed, Senate Bill 1167 (House companion bill HB 2100) would ensconce into Arizona statute aspects of the Governor’s Executive Order 2022-02 that are detrimental to patient privacy. This shocking measure empowers a wide range of entities to access and redisclose your medical records — including your COVID-19 status and vaccination history — without your knowledge or permission.

Unfortunately, a good amendment proposed by Senator Nancy Barto, to stop the sharing of patients’ records without their consent, was not approved.

We need your help to stop the bill!

Please send a note to your Arizona State Senator and Representatives. Ask them to protect patient privacy and VOTE NO on SB 1167 and HB 2100. 

You can get a message on the way with a couple clicks using the following link:https://p2a.co/1mOjtUa

Thank you for speaking out. Your voice makes a difference!


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