AZ Chapter of AAPS Supports Frank Riggs for Governor


The Arizona State Chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, a voice for private medicine since 1943, with hundreds of members in Arizona, supports former congressman Frank Riggs for Governor.

Mr. Riggs is the only candidate committed to rolling back the ObamaCare AHCCCS (Medicaid) expansion. This law was rammed through the legislature unlawfully, defying the voice of the people and the State Constitution, which requires a supermajority to raise taxes. It claims to bring federal dollars to Arizona, but this short-term infusion to special interests brings long-term obligations that will worsen Arizona’s fiscal cliff. It forces more Arizonans into an inferior managed-care program on the deceitful promise that “coverage” equals care.

Mr. Riggs opposes Common Core (another contributor to the fiscal cliff), and favors school choice. He has also enabled thousands to exercise that choice through charter schools.

Mr. Riggs promises to protect physicians’ and patients’ rights to offer and to receive the medical care of their choice.

AAPS urges citizens to demand a full and honest accounting of the long-term financial status of our State and the effects of Obamanization (Mr. Riggs’s term), including Medicaid expansion, ObamaCare mandates, Common Core, failure to control the border, and federal land management and environmental policy.

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