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Chicago Tribune exposes AMA – “Medical billing code monopoly explains AMA support for health plan”

The Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune explains why the AMA may be supporting Washington’s takeover of medical care in the United States despite the uproar of physicians and patients.   

“As Democrats tout the American Medical Association’s endorsement of their health care overhaul, critics are pointing to their studious sidestepping of a little-known monopoly (on medical billing codes) that sends millions into the trade group’s coffers each year, saying it’s no surprise the Democrats were able to gain the AMA’s support.”

AAPS efforts have helped shine the light on the once secret AMA pact with DC that created this monopoly and AAPS Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Kathryn Serkes is quoted in the Tribune’s article.  “There’s an inherent conflict of interest. The AMA has a vested interest in keeping those codes going and keeping that system going because they’re making money from those, tens of millions of dollars every single year.”  

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http://www.chicagotribune.com/health/chi-sun-health-ama-1227dec27,0,4125322.story .

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Additional information:

Read the text of the agreement between the AMA and the federal government.

From the archives: AAPS, in 1998, helped to bring the facts of the agreement to light.

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