Chicago Tribune exposes AMA – “Medical billing code monopoly explains AMA support for health plan”


The Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune explains why the AMA may be supporting Washington’s takeover of medical care in the United States despite the uproar of physicians and patients.   

“As Democrats tout the American Medical Association’s endorsement of their health care overhaul, critics are pointing to their studious sidestepping of a little-known monopoly (on medical billing codes) that sends millions into the trade group’s coffers each year, saying it’s no surprise the Democrats were able to gain the AMA’s support.”

AAPS efforts have helped shine the light on the once secret AMA pact with DC that created this monopoly and AAPS Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Kathryn Serkes is quoted in the Tribune’s article.  “There’s an inherent conflict of interest. The AMA has a vested interest in keeping those codes going and keeping that system going because they’re making money from those, tens of millions of dollars every single year.”  

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Additional information:

Read the text of the agreement between the AMA and the federal government.

From the archives: AAPS, in 1998, helped to bring the facts of the agreement to light.

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  1. The real expose is on how the AMA invented, endorses and fails to publicly recognise sham peer review proceedings against ethical physicians in order to quell free speech in the institutional setting.

    This spawn of Satan moved substantive due process for physicians behind the shroud of confidential adminsitative proceedings in the pursuit of a false quality agenda. Such proceedings are routinely used to cover up patient safety issues leading to death and serious injury and to protect institutions against liablilty for hospital error or insurance companies form doctors who advocate for patients rights in the face of absurd denials.

    The hopsital industry under the guise of institutional review and protecting the public health operates under the same shroud of immunity used to protect banks and insurance companies from prosecution for negligent and criminal acts. These acts which are ongoing have led to the insolvency of the american economy.

    Management circles have lobbied for years to keep this immunity absolute because it is absolutely necessary to insure the saftey of the cartel and the continuance of the current non free market economy in medicine. It is this monopoly, this cartel. that makes healthcare ultimately inaccessible to the average citizens. This public private partnership, this cartel. is uniquely not found in other countries who spend a much smaller fraction of their GDP on healthcare. Nor for that matter are CPT codes.

    Sham peer review is the primary mechanism by which American doctors are kept on the plantation. These organizations and industries are so fearful of legitimate physician criticism that they have convinced the government that substantive due process and free speech are rights that physicians should be absolutely denied. Doctors are exterminated from the medical profession for a facial expression or anything that can be construed as discontentment with management.

    Our system of healthcare as espoused by the AMA,insurance and hospital industry is repulsive to the average consumer. If left to his own free market choices he would neither smell nor taste of its rotting carcasss It is the lack of free market alternatives due to sytematized sham peer review that props these industries up and it is the total control of physicians through the threat of retaliation from sham peer review that keeps doctors on the plantation.

    You may ask the obvious question that if 80% of doctors refuse to join the AMA why more of them do not speak out against its corruption and abuses. The simple and complete answer is the legal mechanism of sham peer reivew which they have invented and endorsed and which is meant to destroy the lives of those who would leave the plantation. With proper 1st and 14th amendment protections for physicians we would have a viable healthcare system.

    If you are interested in any of this please see the articles by Steve Twedt and Lawrence Huntoon as well as numerous others. This is an identified flying object. I hope this is exposed for what it is for the sake of truth and the health and wealth of our citizens and our great country.