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COVID-19 Good News/Bad News

Daniel Dae Kim is feeling better and is “virus free.” He revealed that he was taking hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, among other drugs. He urges people not to “hoard medicines” and not to self-medicate. He lives in Hawaii and has a doctor willing to prescribe these medications and a pharmacist willing to fill the prescription. / Few Americans are so lucky. In Nevada, Ohio, New York, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, and North Carolina, this inexpensive, safe, and potentially effective regimen is not allowed, or is unavailable until you’re in the hospital, when it is less likely to help.

Patients in Wuhan, China, are being saved with high-dose vitamin C. / In the U.S. you can get your Twitter or Facebook account deleted or your video scrubbed for even talking about it.

Front-line NYC doctor explains how to stay safe. Doctor Zelenko in upstate New York reports good results with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc in out-patients. / In New York, Gov. Cuomo is hoarding the 100,000 pills donated for a study of hydroxychloroquine. You can get it only if you are in the hospital in a study and not randomized to a placebo group.

U.S. weekly death rates are down by 10,000, with the biggest relative drop in 0-17 year olds, although the death toll attributed to COVID-19 is increasing. / We can’t keep the country locked down indefinitely, and unemployment, poverty, and loss of medical and other resources will kill many more than COVID-19 if people can’t work.

Private industry is retooling to meet medical needs. MyPillow has a goal of making 50,000 masks per day./ There’s a huge gap to fill. We out-sourced our mask-making industry to China long ago. The stockpile of the 100 million N95 masks used in the 2009 swine flu epidemic was not replenished. In 2011, California dismantled its mobile hospitals and equipment stockpiles.

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