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The “Debt-Free” College Bait

Tamzin Rosenwasser, M.D.

Hillary is attempting to get the “Millennials” to vote for her by promising them other people’s money for “debt-free college.” She complained that colleges “don’t explain” to the students what they are “getting into” with college debt. Evidently, she assumes that the students need remedial arithmetic.

Hillary, however, is not explaining what the country is getting into with the scheme she proposes as a panacea for “student debt.” Neither did her predecessors explain to a 17-year-old orphan working in a drug store after school that she would be forced to pay into government Ponzi schemes for the benefit of others for her entire working life.

Most young people will be attracted to the idea of spending at least four years partying and dabbling in “gender studies” on the taxpayers’ backs. But there’s no guarantee that when they leave the “debt-free college” that they will get jobs and pay into the Ponzi schemes for everyone else’s parents’ medical care on Medicare, or for the 44 million people on food stamps, or for “Social Security.” They might, in fact, turn into what Hillary calls “basement dwellers.” There’s only so much demand for professors of victimology, and once those billion solar panels are installed, what’s next? A government job entering worthless data on our collapsing economy and medical system?

Government interference in college finance has allowed colleges and universities to jack up their tuition and fees, because taxpayers are forced to back it up with our taxes. This is another socialist ploy—using other people’s money to buy votes. The same thing happened in medical care that would happen with college if it ever became “Free!” The costs would rise like a helium balloon, as would the number of government bureaucrats getting pay, benefits, and retirement.

Taking money from one citizen and giving it to another is unConstitutional. It is against Article 1, Sections 9 and 10—if a physician may point that out to a lawyer. Yes I know about the “General Welfare” clause: that’s the purpose for exercising the enumerated Powers in our Constitution, not an unlimited grant of powers like redistributing citizens’ earnings to pay for other people’s children’s college.

Those who receive free benefits taken forcibly from workers get the equivalent of a Constitutionally forbidden “title of nobility,” and those from whom earnings are taken are second-class citizens, and likely “unredeemable deplorables” in Hillary’s lexicon.

“Debt-free” college would mean a debt-shackled life for those who do things honestly. That includes emergency room physicians, coal miners, farmers, trash collectors, andbusinessmen. Unlike taking plane trips around the world or answering questions for 11 hours, what these citizens do is real, productive work. And unlike Hillary and Bill, the taxpayers who support them and other politicians are not worth hundreds of millions, but are barely getting by.

The older generation of professionals like me, if they had no family funds for college earned scholarships or took out loans—which they paid back. Hillary now wants them, along with generations yet unborn, to pay for college for Hillary’s voters. And what about the $1 trillion in current outstanding student debt? That is counted as one of the biggest assets of the U.S. government. Do those students have to pay, while younger ones get a free ride? Or will they be “forgiven,” that is allowed to pile the trillion-dollar asset onto the $20 trillion of recognized public debt, decreasing the nation’s net worth by $2 trillion?

The Hillary “free college” proposal is no investment in our future but another smoke-and-mirrors scheme bringing us even more rapidly to bankruptcy. Students who really want to go to college—and it is not for everyone—need to work hard and cut all unnecessary expenses. We also need to figure out why it costs so much more than it did 40 years ago, when graduates came out much better educated, and fix the cause of the problem.

If we make college “free,” those who graduate will find that their nation has gone up in smoke.

Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser earned her MD from Washington University in St Louis.  She is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Dermatology and has practiced Emergency Medicine and Dermatology.  Dr. Rosenwasser served as President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in 2007-2008 and is currently on the Board of Directors.  She also serves as the chair of the Research Advisory Committee of the Newfoundland Club of America.

As a life-long dog lover and trainer, she realizes that her dogs have better access to medical care and more medical privacy than she has, and her veterinarians are paid more than physicians in the United States for exactly the same types of surgery.

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