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Election 2020: Will We Still Need Oil in 2050?

Do you hope politicians will keep their promises—or that they won’t?

Joe Biden has promised to “transition” us out of oil and other “fossil fuels” by 2050—and into the “clean, renewable” energy shown in green on the graph below.

We will no longer need oil by 2050—if we no longer need food, medicine, or transportation fuel.

Even with the promised half a million charging stations, we can’t put one in the middle of every corn field to run the farm equipment. If we dedicate all the cornfields to make ethanol (alcohol) to run the tractors—and rebuild all the engines so that they can run on 100% alcohol, what would we eat?

There is also the problem that we can’t grow food on a solar or wind farm.

Petroleum is used for other purposes besides fuel—such as making drugs, heart valves, and other medical products,  And what would be left in your house without plastics?

But would the sacrifice be worth it to stop sea level rise? The second graph shows that sea level has been rising since 1850, at a rate that did not change with the huge increase in the use of coal, oil, and natural gas.

Some facts about the “transition” that Green New Dealers need to address:

Politicians who promise a smooth and profitable transition as they destroy our energy industry have fundamental scientific and engineering questions to answer.

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