Human Events Columns of AAPS 2011 President Lee Hieb, M.D.


AAPS President (2010-2011) Lee Hieb, M.D. is an Orthopaedic Surgeon, in solo private practice. Her first-hand experience in medicine began in the 1950s, when she accompanied her father on his housecalls in Iowa. Her articles have been featured on the leading conservative news site for political developments provided by a team of Capitol Hill based reporters.

Healthcare Bill Takes Away Our Liberty
When this law is in full force, individuals cannot choose to self insure, no matter how much they may be able to afford to do so.

AMA Doesn’t Speak for Most Doctors
Obama used the AMA’s endorsement to claim “doctors” support his health care takeover. But that’s not accurate.

Immoral Medicine
Government-pay medicine cannot be moral medicine. More Search Results Obama’s $25,500 Error

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