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Questions for candidates on key issue #4: The Constitution and Medical Care

The federal government is increasingly involved in intimate medical decisions, with requirements for detailed documentation and coding of all diagnoses and procedures. This enables denial of payment, and even prosecution of doctors for “fraud and abuse” if they deviate from government “guidelines,” or charge too much or too little.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution giving government the authority to do this. Accepting the controls is the price of obtaining government funds. If private medicine is eliminated, and the government funds all medical care (except perhaps cosmetic surgery), all care will be supervised and constrained by government.

Americans who want to make their own medical decisions need to know candidates’ philosophy about government. Should lawmakers respect constitutional limitations on their power? Should they insist on orderly process? Should they demand the protection of individual rights to liberty and property?  Or should they nullify the Constitution in the name of “democracy” and newly proclaimed “rights”?

Americans wonder whether Justice Kavanaugh’s character assassins will be in charge of their medical care. Or will their candidate always vote for the side with the loudest mob or greatest media support? How do candidates feel about the following:

  • “Resistors” who obstruct voting on Senate confirmation of 198 appointments in order to prevent the constitutionally elected President from functioning
  • Presumption of guilt of any man accused of sexual misconduct
  • Paid “protesters” wearing masks, vandalizing property, shouting obscenities, or disrupting Senate hearings
  • The “doxxing” or stalking of officials with unwanted political views
  • The suppression of conservative views in publicly funded institutions?
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