OOPS! President Obama mistakenly invites OPPONENT to stand up for him at White House today


AAPS doctors ask, Is he having trouble finding supporters?

WASHINGTON, DC — One of the doctors who will NOT be standing behind the President today is one of his most vocal opponents. But he would have been there if the White House had its way.

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Dr. Eric Novack was one of the 50 doctors invited to the White House photo op today. But he turned down the invitation, because he has lead the fight to pass state legislation and constitutional amendments to prohibit individual insurance mandates.

“They had 16 hours to Google me, but I guess no one bothered,” Dr. Novack told Kathryn Serkes, Director of Policy and Public Affairs for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in a video interview available at www.TakeBackMedicine.com.

Dr. Novack says that it was very tempting to accept the “once-in-a-lifetime” invitation, but in the end, he had to say no. But it also makes him question whether the doctors who will be there today actually support the President, or even understand all of the details of the bills.

“Are these doctors just star-struck, or do they have real knowledge about what they are supporting?” asked Serkes. “It’s looking like another dog-and-pony-show, and doctors should not be used in this shameful manner. First the President vilifies them, now he wants their help.”

“And at the very least, it makes the White House look like it does some very sloppy work,” added Serkes.


Serkes also rebuts the White House claims that doctors overwhelmingly support the public plan. A recent poll on the AAPS web site, www.TakeBackMedicine.com shows that 93% of the doctors polled are even more adamantly against the President’s plans after his national address to Congress and the country on Sept. 9.

Further, pre-publication results of an AAPS survey show that about 80% of doctors would refuse to VOLUNTARILY take part in a public plan.

So what will Dr. Novack be doing on Monday instead of standing behind the President? “I’ll be taking care of patients – because that’s what it’s all about.”



  1. As a senior I am very concerned about the push for Obamacare. I realize medical care is expensive and changes are needed but I prefer to keep my current medical coverage. Medicare and a supplement (which I pay).

    God Bless you and your fine organization.

  2. Thnak you for standing up to the smoke and mirror healthcare reform bill. I laugh when Obama talks about all of the Doctors that support his bill. They either haven’t a clue about what is in the bill or they are the type that go to the polls and pull the policial party level without knowing who the candiates are.

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