Registry for egg donors proposed after young woman dies of colon cancer


After her daughter died at age 31 of colon carcinoma, Dr. Jennifer Schneider of Tucson wondered whether three cycles of egg donation might have been related. She is asking Congress to create a registry of egg donors. Research on the long-term effects of egg donation are not now possible because many donations are anonymous, and there is little, if any, follow-up care.Most prospective donors “don’t know the difference between being told ‘We don’t know of any significant long-term risks’ and ‘There are no significant long-term risks,’” Dr. Schneider said.

High doses of hormones are taken prior to the donation. Jessica Grace Wing had started donating eggs at age 25. She was diagnosed with advanced colon carcinoma at age 29. Her mother recently read a 1998 article in the British journal Human Reproduction, which reported a case of a woman who had donated her eggs, then died of colon cancer (Tucson Citizen 3/5/08).

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