She Says She Wants To “Be Your Champion”


By Tamzin Rosenwasser, M.D.

Mrs. Clinton says she wants to be the President of the United States in order to “be your champion.” Article Two of our United States Constitution, which lays out the duties of the President, says nothing remotely relating to the President being a champion for anybody.

Americans are sovereign citizens. We do not need a “champion” patronizing us and condescending to us. We are our own champions; we shot from a third-world backwater to the most inventive, prosperous, productive nation ever in less than 200 years—and we did it for about the first 100 years without any help from The State, and for the latter century or so, we have done it in spite of “help” from The State.

Mrs. Clinton has already had two Presidential terms. As she herself said, “If you vote for my husband, you get me. It’s a two-for-one, blue plate special.” And as her husband said, “If I get elected President, it will be an unprecedented partnership.” It certainly was. During those years, whose “champion” was she? Her own.

She was not a champion for the women harassed and assaulted by her uncontrollable husband, or the children of America exposed to the sordid mess of those sex scandals, and all the other scandals that soaked up so much time and money, and degraded the nation. She was not a champion for the employees of the White House travel office; they were all fired, and had trumped up legal problems dumped on them.

She was not a champion for the 3000 people murdered on September 11, 2001, after her husband passed up chances to kill Osama bin Laden, and to safeguard the nation, because he was entangled in his sex scandals.

Whose champion was she during her first term as Co-President, when she tried to ram Hillary Care through Congress before the opposition could find out what was happening? Her own. Do you think she will listen to the majority of Americans who do not want ObamaCare?

No, because she has never been a champion for the people who want to be left alone to control their own personal medical care. No, because she came up with an excruciatingly complicated, command-and-control system that foreshadowed Obamacare, and that was derailed only by the lawless behavior that characterized the process of designing that anti-freedom scheme in secret. That lawless behavior led to a principled Federal judge ruling against her “Hillary Care.”

She is not a champion for aborted babies, not even those who manage to be born alive despite the effort to kill them, only to die of neglect or from having their spinal cords severed. Nor is she a champion for the women abused by the abortion industry.

She said nothing about women victimized by forced abortion in China, or by genital mutilation in Africa or the Middle East.

She certainly is not a champion for elderly, frail, or disabled people, whose medical care will be cut off by ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB.) Her own plan would have outlawed even private payment for their treatment.

She is not a champion for the nation when she enriches herself with millions from totalitarian dictatorships in the Middle East where women are stoned to death, and whipped in public, and where they are prisoners of their male relatives.

During her time as Secretary of State, whose “champion” was she? Her own. She ignored pleas for more security. She was not a champion for Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, Christopher Stevens, or Tyrone Woods, butchered in Benghazi.

Has she ever done any real work? Isn’t she one of those for whom medical care, and those who give and receive medical care are simply an abstraction, to be manipulated like pawns by her and her cronies, for their own ends? Is she a champion for sick persons, or the nurses, orderlies, physicians, technicians—all the medical personnel who do the actual work of taking care of patients? No, she is a champion only for herself.

She wants to hoodwink you into thinking she cares about us Americans and our nation, so that she can take the reins of power for her own ends.

Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser earned her MD from Washington University in St. Louis after putting herself through medical school. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and also Dermatology, and has practiced Emergency Medicine as well. Dr. Rosenwasser served as President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in 2007 and 2008. Dr Rosenwasser has written numerous articles and opinion editorials, and has been a guest on many media broadcast shows. She is currently writing a book on medical practice. She also serves as the chair of the Research Advisory Committee of the Newfoundland Club of America. As a life-long dog lover and trainer, she realizes that her dogs have better access to medical care and more medical privacy than she has, and her veterinarians are paid more than physicians in the United States for exactly the same types of surgery.

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