Support MOC Control Resolution 17-309 at the FMA meeting 8/5/17




The FMA resolution would require that the FMA leaders insist that the they actively support legislation to support FMA’s MOC policy. That doesn’t seem too hard, but the FMA did the Opposite this year!


*THE FMA GUTTED THE GOOD MOC CONTROL BILL OF STATE REP., DR. JULIO GONZALES (HB723/SB 1354). The FMA wrote this amendment to delete the original bill that prevented MOC as a requirement for Florida doctors.

What you can do!

  1. Call your County medical society or specialty society and/or your FMA delegates. (FMA members, find your delegates here on page 10 of the FMA delegate handbook.)
  2. Tell them you want them to vote yes on Resolution 17-309 (below).
  3. Tell them to prevent any attempt to water down the language of Resolution  17-309.
  4. Tell the FMA leaders it is their job to tell the Elected officials the FMA funded/endorsed to stand with the FMA  – not to bail them out of sticky political situations by gutting good MOC legislation!
  5. Consider going to the FMA Reference committee III on Saturday, 8/5/17 10 am at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort.  All FMA members and most members of public (especially Florida doctors) CAN testify there. (register as a guest online or at the front desk – arrive early to register – FREE. Deadline is 7/31, but has never been required to testify at reference committee in past).
  6. Consider contacting FMA Reference Committee III members with this message. (Aaron Sudbury, M.D., Chair Manatee County Medical Society, Abram Berens, M.D. Broward County Medical Society, Rebekah Bernard, M.D. Collier County Medical Society, Charles Chase, D.O. Orange County Medical Society, Mark Dobbertien, D.O. Florida Chapter, American College of Surgeons, Shelley Glover, M.D. Lake-Sumter County Medical Society, Larry Halperin, M.D. Florida Orthopedic Society, Coy Irvin, M.D. AMA Delegate, Brandon Luskin, M.D. Palm Beach County Medical Society)

Resolution 17-309

Reaffirming The Commitment Of The Florida Medical Association to End Maintenance of Certification Mandates.

Escambia County Medical Society


RESOLVED, the FMA reaffirms its policy that the Florida Medical Association opposes any efforts to require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as a condition of medical licensure, or as a pre-requisite for hospital/staff privileges, employment in State of Florida/county medical facilities, reimbursement from 3rd parties, or issuance of malpractice insurance.


RESOLVED, the FMA reaffirms it’s policy that “health care providers shall not be required, by any public or private entity to comply with Maintenance of Certification requirements after achieving initial board certification, other than the continuing medical education (CME) requirements set by the health care provider’s licensing board.”


RESOLVED the FMA will actively support legislation that advances their stated policy on Maintenance of Certification and will actively oppose legislation that does not prohibit the use of MOC for hospital medical staff privileges, medical licensure, or third party contracting or reimbursement.

RESOLVED, the FMA will oppose legislation that grants any state/private agency the authority to create  additional “certifying” entities, which could include hospitals and insurance companies, and the FMA will not apply to become a “certifying” entity

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