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Who should pick your sutures: a surgeon or a politician? If you believe that it should be the former, then you are implying that surgeons know things that politicians do not. You are implying that there is a value in the wisdom of surgeons that can be applied to patient care. Can it be applied to more than direct patient care?

Yes. Surgeons, like all doctors, are part of a care delivery system that is falling short in the delivery of quality, convenience, and choice. Their wisdom can be used to reform this delivery system by leveraging their knowledge of what it actually takes to put on a surgical event: surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical facility, sutures, and so on. Their wisdom can be used to construct flat-fee, comprehensive surgery packages that serve market demands.

In this video, surgeon Arnon Krongrad, MD talks about how an experience with a very specific prostate cancer patient led him to custom build a flat-fee, value generating surgery package. This package overcame the patient’s economic barriers and opened the door to new ideas about care delivery. He goes on to detail how Surgeo, a growing community of surgeons, is applying the same approach to development of high quality surgical services that are as conveniently accessible as a rental car.

The Surgeo community relies upon the services of highly qualified, peer credentialed surgeons. Through its interactive, public, and free online portal, Surgeo offers simple access to their services for procedures as diverse as knee replacement, penile implant surgery, and laser vision correction.

Participating surgeons get visibility to patients who need their services, association with other highly qualified peers, and a chance to contribute to supply side,
subject expert, practical healthcare reform.

You can click here to learn more about what Surgeo offers surgeons and what it offers primary physicians. You can also click here to ask for more detail. Follow Surgeo on Twitter.

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