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Thank You Dr. Zev Zelenko (1973-2022), a Hero for All Patients and Physicians

AAPS mourns the passing away after a long illness of Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, who inspired physicians to save millions of lives by treating Covid-19 early with hydroxychloroquine.  Dr. Zelenko’s courageous stance in favor of patients and the ability of physicians to treat them will forever live on in his name.

As misguided public health authorities demanded that physicians not use hydroxychloroquine and other inexpensive medications for treating patients early for Covid-19, Dr. Zelenko did not waver in his dedication to patients.  He generously shared his “Zelenko Protocol” with all other physicians, thousands of whom used it to save the lives of millions of patients suffering from Covid-19.

Dr. Zelenko’s leadership is timeless in how to treat Covid-19 patients, while not being intimidated by authorities who improperly interfered with use of his brilliant treatment protocol.  Zev’s shining example is what all physicians should aspire to be, and he will continue to be a model for the medical profession for generations to come.

Our gratitude and prayers go out to his family.  Our work at AAPS with medical students will continue to urge that all reach for the immortal high standard set by Zev and seek to attain it as best we can.

Zev seemed like an angel sent to us, whom we could only obtain glimpses of how wonderful he really was and continues to be.  He departs this world with our endless gratitude, and leaves our medical profession with a priceless legacy.

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