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YES TO HB 73 – Protect Ohio Patients’ Access to Lifesaving Medication

Dear AAPS Members and Friends in Ohio:

It is increasingly challenging, and sometimes impossible, for patients to fill prescriptions for common, safe, generic medications prescribed by their physicians.

Too often pharmacies, hospitals, and other entities refuse patients’ access to these medications, like ivermectin for example, for reasons that appear more political than based on science or what is best for patients.

With many illnesses, including COVID, receiving early treatment may make the difference between recovery and hospitalization, or even death. The bottom line is these refusals cost patient lives.

Ohio HB 73 takes important steps to make sure patients are not denied the ability to obtain potentially life-saving medications, prescribed by their doctors.  The bill also protects doctors from retaliation for prescribing off-label, upholds standards of informed-consent, and makes it clear that entities like the World Health Organization will not be making decisions that limit patient access to care in Ohio.

Currently the bill has passed the House and is awaiting a hearing before the Ohio State Senate Health Committee.

Please urge members of the Ohio State Senate Health Committee to support HB 73. You can get a message on the way to them in a few clicks at the following link: https://p2a.co/92WJwBA

Also, pass the message along to your contacts. It’s important for legislators to hear from patients and doctors.

Thank you for speaking out,


P.S. Additional information from Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom about this good legislation, and actions that can be taken to help it pass, can be found here: https://www.ohioamf.org/so/87Ozu5dbb

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