Doctors’ Group Urges Repeal of Job-Killing Health “Reform”


Physicians warn that the ill effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will be irreversible, and it needs to be repealed and defunded before implementation proceeds any further.

On the eve of a vote on a House bill to repeal the Act, some experts say that the bill will “not necessarily” kill jobs.

“What if your doctor told you that a radical, unprecedented operation would ‘not necessarily’ kill you?” asked Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

Republicans have presented many ways in which PPACA could damage the economy. Is not knowing whether they are right a reason to steam ahead with implementing a law that will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on one-sixth of the economy?

One reason it is impossible to know all the consequences is that the rules have not yet been written. The Department of Health and Human Services has already missed deadlines by months, for example, on the minimum loss ratio for insurers, but businesses face hard deadlines. Much of the bill does not even take effect until 2014.

Businesses cannot prudently plan to expand without knowing what rules they will be required to follow. Moreover, the rules so far have been so onerous that hundreds are lining up to request waivers—which are likely to be granted, or not, based on political influences.

AARP, which paid much of the $121 million for pro-PPACA ads, only has to pay out 65% of Medigap premiums for benefits, while Medicare Advantage plans have to pay out 85%.

Surveys have shown that close to half of physicians may respond by restricting or closing their practices entirely. Would they really do this? Before the National Health Service was enacted, England had 44,000 doctors. By 1971, it had only 17,000.

Organized medicine is telling doctors that small practices probably won’t be able to afford the vastly increased compliance requirements. Thus, they are urged to form “accountable care organizations” (ACOs) in order to survive.

ACOs have been called “HMOs on steroids.” Their “incentives” are designed to restrict access to expensive care. They don’t have bureaucratic death panels; they just reward doctors who save money for the Plan.

“We need to repeal this monstrous bill,” said Dr. Orient. “Then we need to discuss how to solve our problems in medicine instead of making them worse.”

AAPS was founded in 1943 and represents physicians in all specialties.

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  • Ben

    “Is not knowing whether they are right a reason to steam ahead with implementing a law that will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on one-sixth of the economy?”

    Republicans don’t take action on global warming because they claim not to know exactly how bad the consequences will be. Why is a “wait and see” approach somehow acceptable there (where the consequences are irreversible and devastating worldwide) but not here (where at worst the law is likely to “bring us down” to the level of the other first-world countries (who by many measures are doing better than us))? Isn’t that illogical?

    What’s the point of medicine? If it’s to help people to be healthy, then taking action to deny millions of people access to medicine seems backwards. If the field of medicine exists just to boost the economy, then I suppose it doesn’t matter how many people get sick and die as long as the economy remains healthy.

    Is the economy a tool invented to serve mankind? Or is mankind a tool invented to serve the economy?

  • Priscilla Forbes

    Please repeal this bill & have a new bill to replace it.

  • TEA

    Obama stated in his health care speech (-amestrib-com/articles/Full text of President Obama’s health care speech/September 10, 2009) “…Some of people’s concerns have grown out of bogus claims spread by those whose only agenda is to kill reform at any cost. The best example is the claim made not just by radio and cable talk show hosts, but by prominent politicians, that we plan to set up panels of bureaucrats with the power to kill off senior citizens. Now, such a charge would be laughable if it weren’t so cynical and irresponsible. It is a lie, plain and simple. (Applause.)…”
    “… we plan to set up panels of bureaucrats with the power to kill off senior citizens…” — one of the first things Obama had to take care of with Americas’ stimulus dollars was to give a huge amount of stimulus money to the Health and Human Services Dept. to establish a Council on Effectiveness Research (- Effectiveness in Health Care Reform: Lessons from Abroad Feb 4 2009) – very much like Europes’, and with the people in charge of our health “care” we will have a clone of Europe’s healthscare mess. (–nejm-org – The New England Journal of Medicine – Saying No Isn’t NICE — The Travails of Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence November 6, 2008)
    This neo-democrat socialist administration denies death panels, but people that have dealt with the elderly know the elderly routinely get denied medication, and services – this will not change, and more than likely get worse, with the piece of dung that Puke Lady said deem it passed – then the people will like it. There are no death panels – It is a lie, plain and simple,and with more people/citizens’ being honest and transparent it’s getting more obvious who the cynical and irresponsible really are. Obama Nominee Donald Berwick’s Radical Agenda May 12 2010 – “Any health care funding plan that is just equitable civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.” – Donald Berwick

  • TBE

    I have owned and operated a medical transcription business since 1995. While many factors (technology and overseas outsourcing) have hurt our industry, this bill (and its very tax-payer costly incentives given to physicians being forced to buy expensive EMRs) will severely impact our company, and, more importantly, the quality of health care. The trend I see is health care systems having a “vision” of physicians typing their own notes while in the exam room with their patients. Do you really want your physician focusing on a computer screen during your interview and exam, when anyone with brains knows well-honed skills of observation could be a physician’s greatest asset? Much of the Veterans Administration system does this already; have you ever asked at vet how they feel about the VA and the care received? The best thing for us to do as far as reform is learn from others’ mistakes, not make them ourselves!

  • Ralph C Whaley

    The best way to defeat this monster is “unmask it as viscious and immoral”. The government has no business in business in general and more particularly in medicine. It is immoral for the government to take one man’s money and give it to another who has no right to it for medical care, groceries or a vacation in Bali. It is tolerated only because of the widely held view that individuals have a moral obligation to live for others in distress. If one sees another in distress and is able to help him because of his value as a human being and chooses to do so voluntarily no one should stand in his way. That is a selfish act of kindness. Altruism in marked contrast, is the code of beggars, moochers, theives and killers. Read Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue Of selfishness” and learn the morality for men to live in prosperity, benevolence and happiness on earth!

  • Paul Adler, MD

    Thank you Dr. Orient for your courageous post. I appreciate that the title of your article calls attention to one of the biggest threats of Obamacare- it is JOB KILLING. Many men and women in their 50’s and 60’s will have no incentive to continue working if this bill stands. They may have a pre-existing medical condition that currently prevents them from leaving their job (as they won’t be able to get individual coverage that they can afford). If Obamacare is not repealed, they will realize that they can retire early and get away with it (as they will be able to get individual coverage, perhaps at a price they can afford through exchanges). The labor pool will shrink because of all these early retirements. This clearly happened when Social Security was enacted- many healthy seniors elected to draw benefits instead of working through their late 60s and 70’s (and now 80s). This has clearly run up government costs. If Obamacare continues, people in late middle age will do the same thing. This must be repealed!

  • We need to emphasize the positive aspects of American Healthcare. Check out this blog titles “Exceptionalism in the Face of Disaster”

  • The contentious healthcare reform “debate” has tragically shifted national attention away from yet another looming man-made national disaster–the impending collapse of the industry.

    Only a handful of people in the nation have demonstrated the insight, the foresight, and the courage to acknowledge this steamrolling national disaster. The former head of the Health and Human Services Agency, Tommy Thompson is one.

    The reform movement has inadvertently–or seditiously–diverted national attention from yet-another looming, man-made national disaster with far-reaching, unprecedented, devastating consequences.

    The mammoth, mega-trillion healthcare establishment now faces a sudden, violent, industry collapse . This classic, textbook industry collapse–that can literally trigger at any moment–is a easily demonstrated predicament.

    When this predicament trips, it will instigate domino-effect, tsunami-sized killer shockwaves that, in turn, will not only wipe out millions of provider and supplier organizations, throw millions of highly skilled people out of work, it will tragically force unsuspecting patients into harm’s way.

    There is now irrefutable, compelling, mathematically demonstrated, scientific and historical evidence that the American healthcare establishment, a mega-trillion dollar national investment during the 20th century alone, will suddenly and violently collapse.

    The three largest sectors of the healthcare establishment that will suddenly collapse are the mainspring $506 billion US Physician Services Industry and the mammoth $759 billion US Hospital Services Industry.

    Surprisingly The $102 Billion US Dental Services Industry–American Dentistry–Has Recently Suffered One Of The Most Violent Implosions In American Economic History. This Sudden, Violent Event Has Duly Triggered A Classic, Text-Book Industry Collapse. It’s An Astounding Claim, Yet Easily Proven.

    Shockingly, The Biggest Crash Ever In American Dentistry Was Equivalent In Its Implosive Force To Forty-Three 1929 Stock Market Crashes, A Truly Astounding Event Particularly For A Perennially Robust Industry That Had Been Virtually Doubling In Revenues Every Year For Three Decades!

    Years ago, professor Burton L. Edelstein, DDS, MPH, a pundit in American Dentistry and a professor in the School of Dental and Oral Surgery at the Columbia University in New York City, predicted that dentistry would face a “tectonic” shift. Tectonic means having a strong and widespread–or earthshaking– impact causing great structural deformation. Given the recent implosion of 2009, his prediction was wholly accurate.

    The single critical factor that demonstrates strong historical validity and strong predictive validity is the annual change in the industry rate of growth. This factor has been published in the gold-standard National Health Expenditures Study since 1960. Therefore, this factor has strong historical validity.

    Briefly, when this critical factor has approached the 4% catastrophic threshold, great upheaval and damage resulted. For example, between 1991 and 1999 this factor plunged below the threshold in the US Hospital Services Industry, this time experienced massive failure–hospitals were closing at a high rate–every 13 weeks, and during a 15 month period in California the turnover in hospital CEOs was about 95%–an executive bloodbath!

    Historically, when this factor reaches the “4% catastrophic threshold” these industries have become extremely unstable (technically called “unstable equilibrium”).
    In this condition, the industry enters a state of high “criticality” meaning that it becomes extremely sensitive–vulnerable–to any “perturbations.” It means the industry can collapse from any random, minor jolts such as the negative media event that triggers a stock market crash, or the shotgun blast that echos through a canyon and triggers a killer avalanche, or a careless smoker that starts a raging wildfire that wipes out an entire forest and quietly stops leaving a wake of death and destruction.

    In 2009, this critical factor not only imploded through the historical 4% catastrophic threshold, it plunged into the first ever contraction in American dentistry since Chapin Harris, MD, DDS, started the profession in the 1840s.

    “It’s like deja-vu all over again.”
    Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra, (1925- ) Major League Baseball Catcher and Manager

    Here is the easily proven, irrefutable scientific evidence. Healthcare will suddenly and violently collapse because of the same phenomena that caused other industries and institutions to suddenly and violently collapse.

    Examples include the collapse of the Swiss Watch Industry (1975-1979), the collapse of American Savings and Loan Industry (1982), the momentous stock market crash–Black Monday, October 19, 1987, the American Computer Industry (1992-1998), and the HMO Industry in Southern California (1986-1989).

    Disturbingly, The American healthcare establishment will suddenly and violently collapse because of the exact same (mathematically homologous) phenomena that caused the recent failure of the US housing industry, and the domino-effect, killer chain reaction that, in turn, caused the financial meltdown–described as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    The American healthcare industry will suddenly collapse because of the exact same (mathematically homologous) phenomena that caused the once-mighty Roman Empire to suddenly and violently collapse in 500 AD. The graphic proof of these claim is dramatic.

    Each Of The Major Components Of The Healthcare Industry Have Been Grinding Through The Mature Stage Of Their Life Cycles For Decades And Thereby Facing The Classic, Mandatory “Paradigm Shift.” Surprisingly, Nobody Noticed It! And, Therefore, Nobody–Nobody Made The Right Moves!

    In The Mature Stage Of The Industry Life Cycle, Firms Have Only Three Choices: Bailout, Shakeout, Or “Breakout.”

    The cardinal signs of a collapsing industry are high rates of sudden business failures–the shakeout, mass exits from the marketplace–the bailout–or the “exodus,” heavy financial losses, and great social convulsion and economic upheaval.

    Making the breakout, or making the paradigm shift into the new life cycle, by entering the untapped and expanding “resource space” is the only beneficent alternative. Yet making the vaunted breakout requires a high level of management sophistication to accomplish expeditiously and successfully.

    The 100-Year Knowledge Gap On The Business And Management Side Of The Healthcare Industry Is A Formidable Barrier To Successfully And Expeditiously Making The Paradigm Shift.

    Because of 40 years of a “little neglect” the requisite level of management sophistication simply does not exist and indicates a poor prognosis for survival and long term prosperity if this massive gap is not closed.

    The entire $2.5 trillion industry is now facing a classic, textbook paradigm shift which, if not managed appropriately and in a timely manner, will trigger a sudden, catastrophic, calamitous, evolutionary event and massive destruction and plunge the entire industry into the decline stage of its life cycle–and the irreversible, meat-grinding Nemesis Vortex.

    Fortunately, there is also good news.
    Francis A. Toto, Director, The Right Moves Project since 1982.

  • Charles

    The word “Obamacare” is only partially true. Obama does care, about all Americans. The flat out lie is that the health care law that we ended up with was in some way “his” health care plan. In fact, as he mentioned during his campaign, he was “for” a more efficient, more cost-effective single-payer plan. He was also “for” Universal Healthcare. Those 2 points are the biggest reasons why he won the debates against Hillary Clinton and against John McCain, if you recall.

    Now, if you want to come up with a name for the law other than what Congress ended up calling it, call it “The People’s Healthcare Reform Attempt of 2010 which was Hammered, Stabbed, Gutted, Watered Down, then finally Larded at the Last Minute by the Health Insurance Lobbyist/Millionaires.”

    What’s sad is that some physicians have become so well trained to do what the health insurance companies want in order for you to get paid, that you don’t even see that you, and this includes AAPS’s leadership are no longer operating as professionals. Instead, you are owned and operated, by way of your wallets, by the health insurance giants. Don’t believe me? Why did you start spending less and less time with each patient? Health Insurance time billing. Why did you start hiring less-trained technicians to do what you should really have a nurse doing? Health Insurance support staff billing. When did you start paying staffers in your office to drive themselves crazy and waste your time and your money submitting claims which you know will almost always get denied or adjusted down? Health insurance “negotiated settlements.”

    Don’t forget when you were in med school and you really believed that medicine was about more than just money. Stand up, wake up, and act like the DOCTORS that you know you can be. Do the right thing for your patients, treat them like they were your own family, and stop wasting money on advertising because the patients will come flocking to you.

  • Linda

    Debating individual parts of the bill will be willingly accepted by the Democrats and result in the “fixing” of undesirable parts, reforming others, adding something that sounds good and still leave us with Federal Government control of our medical care. As if we could ever live a life without problems, the so-called problems in our healthcare system are caused by government intervention that already exists. As a Medicare recipient, and a former employee in both a doctor’s business office and an HMO, I know of what I speak by personal experience. All the government really needs to do is extend their tentacles further out from the programs they already control. Create jobs? All the government knows how to create is paperwork.

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