Healthcare Policy Blog Roundup: 1/6/2013


Compiled by The Market Institute

In a poll released this week by the AP-Norc Center for Public Affairs Research, 52% of respondents mentioned healthcare reform as a Top 10 issue. The Heritage Foundation is not surprised by these results as they expect Obamacare taxes and obstacles to become even more prevalent over the next year (Heritage Foundation Blog).

Amid all of the speculation that underwhelming enrollee numbers will lead to a “death spiral” in the Federal Health Marketplaces, Bob Laszewski argues that the ACA has too many insurer protections built into it for rates to drastically increase in 2015 (Health Policy and Market Blog).

John Goodman is questioning why HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is allowing the government to zero out as much as 80% of the Special Needs Plans and switch those patients to the federal marketplaces (NCPA Health Blog).

A small business owner recounts the complete lack of information his insurer is providing to him and his employees in regards to their health coverage, a microcosm of a fundamental problem faced across the country (New York Times Blog).

The new issue of Health Affairs covers the effects the Affordable Care Act is having on Medicaid as well as a cluster of paper exploring alternatives to malpractice litigation (Health Affairs Blog).

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