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A Doctor Calls on Consumers to Boycott Pfizer

Boycott Pfizer’s Medications:


How do YOU feel about Obamacare and  government dictating your coverage and cost, and controlling your treatment options?  If you are like the majority of Americans, you don’t like it.

The latest polls show that a staggering 61% of the American public is opposed to the costly Senate and House healthcare bills that are the President’s signature legislation to push through this year. 

Never before have so many Americans expressed this degree of opposition to proposed legislation.

Never before have we seen Congress completely shut out the voice of the people. 

Never before have we seen such blatant, arrogant disregard for “We The People” who have taken the time to read the bill, taken time to write letters, to send emails, to make calls, and even to march in rallies and halls of Congress.

We feel it is time for a massive grassroots action that WILL get attention.  We feel it is time to hit the proponents of Obamacare in the pocketbook.

We are two physicians who are concerned about what will happen to quality of care under Obamacare.  We are upset that physicians and patients are betrayed by backroom deals perpetrated by the major players without regard for what is best for patient care.

Jeffrey Kindler, CEO of Pfizer, was featured in a Wall St. Journal editorial as supporting the Administration’s efforts to radically transform the health industry.   Mr.Kindler led an industry group that made a backroom deal with Senator Baucus and the White House to finance a multimillion dollar ad campaign supporting ObamaCare.   What did he and other industry executives get in return?  If they agreed to forego $80 billion in lower drug costs over the next ten years, they were promised the industry would be “protected” from price controls and drug reimportation from Canada.  

In making these “deals” Pfizer, and other participating pharmaceutical companies,  have sold out patients, the medical profession, their employees and shareholders, as well as free-market capitalism. 

The Wall Street Journal editorialists said: “The pharmaceutical executives who have endorsed this exercise will eventually be exposed as among the most shortsighted CEOs in the history of capitalism.”  

We feel there should be a more immediate penalty for their malfeasance.  They should feel the wrath of the public and of the medical profession by a boycott of Pfizer products.  

Pfizer makes many drugs, including the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering Lipitor,  anti-arthritis pill Celebrex, Aricept for Alzheimers, Premarin for menopause therapy,  Zithromax, Zoloft ,Viagra, Lyrica, Geodon and many others.   For a complete listing, see http://www.pfizer.com/products/rx/prescription.jsp.

If you are among the millions of Americans who are outraged over this massive and costly takeover of healthcare, then we urge you to take action.  Direct your anger towards Pfizer for leading the industry in making craven, behind-closed-doors deal with the White House. 

If you are taking a Pfizer drug, call your physicians and tell them you want a non-Pfizer alternative.  Talk to your pharmacist and request a comparable generic. 

Let’s continue to hit them in the pocketbook until they see the error of their ways.  Until they LISTEN to the American people.

Pfizer must immediately withdraw support and its multimillion dollar ad campaign in favor of Obamacare in order to regain your trust and your use of their products.  Pfizer must take a stand against Obamacare and stand with the majority of the American people.

Let your voice be heard by boycotting Pfizer medicines. Then let other members of PhRMA beware: You may be our next target!

Richard Amerling, M.D., New York, NY

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. Tucson AZ

READ MORE ARTICLE BY DR. VLIET http://www.herplace.com/opeds.htm

December 14, 2009

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