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The Dry Tortugas and Being a Deplorably Good Physician

By Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD Hillary Clinton recently said that half of Donald Trump supporters belonged in the “basket of deplorables” and were irredeemable. Many believe that Dr. Samuel Mudd, the physician who treated John […]

Sample Medicare Opt-Out Forms

These form are successfully used by a practicing physician. Click here to return to main information page on opting out of Medicare. Medicare Opt-Out – General Guidelines This is a basic document to explain how […]

Death of the Great Laboratory of Clinical Medical Science

Free-market capitalism has brought unimaginable innovations to mankind in the last 200 years, more so than any other economic system in the history of the world: airplanes, telephones, personal computers, electric lightbulbs. Far less appreciated, even by those who are ardent advocates of free markets, are the innovations brought by private medical practices through the magic of free-market capitalism.