AAPS 2012 Annual Meeting Videos


We have released FREE of charge, the video, audio, and other resources from all 24 talks at last month’s AAPS 69th Annual Meeting. You will find below, links to presentations containing important ideas, strategies, and practical tools that will help win this fight. Please watch, listen, and feel free to widely share these talks.

Presentations are listed in the order presented:

SPEAKER BIOS: http://www.scribd.com/doc/112056056

Health Care Reform Without the Smoke and Mirrors. Alieta Eck, M.D.

Health Care Reform and the Dialect of Deceit. Juliette Madrigal-Dersch, M.D.

Why Doctors Can't Wait for Congress. Jane Orient, M.D.

AAPS on Capitol Hill: Effective Advocacy, Issues, Outlook. Charlie Sauer

EHR Privacy and Security: Mission Impossible. Craig M. Wax, D.O.

Physicians Running for Congress. Wayne Iverson, M.D.

Physicians Running for Congress. Marilyn Singleton, M.D.

CPAP Before CPAP. Curtis Caine, M.D. (AAPS Senior Member)

Update on Texas Medical Board, ObamaCare and
other attacks on patients & physicians. Andrew Schlafly, Esq.

CMS Guidelines for Sale? Adam Harris, M.D.

Par8o – facilitating direct collaboration between patients and physicians. Daniel Palestrant, M.D. & Adam Sharp, M.D.

  • Standard Definition Video: http://youtu.be/G85fESKc__A
  • High Definition Video: http://youtu.be/G85fESKc__A?hd=1
  • Audio MP3 file: http://bit.ly/SKPkly
  • Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for an exclusive introductory subscription to Par8o

Individualized v. One-size-fits-all Guidelines: Men’s Health for the Future, Not Yesterday. Lee Vliet, M.D.

Abuse of Maintenance of Licensure and Certification. Ron Benbassat, M.D.

How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can Save Health Care. Yaron Brook, Ph.D.

PPACA and the Future of Medicine: A young physician speaks out. Jason Fodeman, M.D.

Paving the Road to Health Care Freedom by Reframing the Moral Narrative.  Beth Haynes, M.D. Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Society 

Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. John Goodman, Ph.D.

Case Studies in Third Party Free Practices. Kathy Brown, M.D., Jack Brown, Keith Smith, M.D.

Barack Obama and the Enemies Within. Trevor Loudon

Medicine and the Vampire Economy. Lee Hieb M.D.

Stopping Vermont's Experiment with Single Payer. Robert Emmons, M.D.

Leadership in Medicine: Tales from The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons
Donald J. Palmisano, M.D., J.D., Past-President, AMA

New Directions For Down Syndrome Research. Paddy Jim Baggot M.D.

How Hospitals Destroy Competitors. Bob Christman

Med Students Discuss What They Learned at AAPS Meeting.

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