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A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943

AAPS News April 2024 – Vaccination and Health

Volume 80, no. 4  The U.S. is said to be a “Vaccine Nation.” The central dogma of public health and most pediatric practices is that vaccination is the most important medical advance. It purportedly has […]

AAPS News March 2024 – The Foundation of Our Rights

Volume 80, no. 3  March The foundation of our rights is not “freedom and democracy”; this is the label used by the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) in U.S.-instigated “color revolutions” to topple unfriendly governments and influence […]

AAPS News February 2024 – Definitions

 Volume 80, no. 2  Having a precise definition of terms is essential in mathematics, science, and law. There are undefined terms, but these are few and must be obvious and agreed upon by everyone: in […]

AAPS News January 2024 – Axioms

Volume 80, no. 1  Philosophy, culture, and forms of governance, like mathematics, are based on “self-evident truths” or axioms. If the axioms are changed, so is everything that follows. Consider a current example: performances of […]