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AAPS News February 2024 – Definitions

 Volume 80, no. 2  Having a precise definition of terms is essential in mathematics, science, and law. There are undefined terms, but these are few and must be obvious and agreed upon by everyone: in […]

AAPS News January 2024 – Axioms

Volume 80, no. 1  Philosophy, culture, and forms of governance, like mathematics, are based on “self-evident truths” or axioms. If the axioms are changed, so is everything that follows. Consider a current example: performances of […]

Economic Health Watch: ‘Hockey Stick’ Debt

I hope that your personal circumstances are stable for the new year. However, this graph of growth in U.S. debt is ominous. The form resembles the “hockey stick” temperature graph used to promote the extreme […]

Low-cost Interventions Could Ease the Burden of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) currently affects millions of people and is increasing globally. Management requires chronic medication use, with the expectation that this will be required life-long, creating a huge burden on medical systems. […]

Accountability Needed for COVID Debacle

The federal agencies responsible for the disastrous response to COVID-19, and key individuals, need to be held accountable, writes Steven Hatfill, M.D., in the winter issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. […]