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AAPS News April 2022 – Death Toll Mounting

Volume 78, no. 4  April 2022

We know that both soldiers and civilians are tragically dying in Ukraine. War propaganda being what it is, we don’t know the accurate casualty count, but we know the general mechanism of death (explosion, gunshot wound, etc.), and how it might be stopped (make peace). But while people watch the exciting war footage on television, young, healthy people outside the war zone are silently dropping dead, one by one. Why? What to do?

We do not know the number of persons who died from as opposed to with COVID-19. We also don’t know the death count from “friendly fire.” How many died because their social contacts were disrupted or their businesses destroyed? Was any real person’s life actually saved because you couldn’t get a haircut or doctor’s appointment, or is the trade-off in lives purely a guess by self-interested authorities imposing the lockdowns? How many died or will die because of COVID vaccine effects?

There’s a war on, so expect war propaganda. In war, it is unpatriotic or even treasonous to criticize the leaders.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), states Dr. Peter McCullough, is sitting on reports of 24,000 deaths shortly after a COVID injection (tinyurl.com/ms5trsyp). Would deaths of these people be justified, in case mass vaccination might save some other people who might catch the disease from an unvaccinated person? Are they simply the collateral damage of war?

The “winter of severe illness and death” that Biden predicted in December for the unvaccinated did not happen. Raw data from Public Health Scotland show that over the 4-week period ending on Feb 4, deaths per million population in the twice-vaccinated were three times as high as in the unvaccinated, and in the once-boosted were twice as high as in the unvaccinated. After this, PHS stopped releasing such data (https://tinyurl.com/38jeu3m9).

Most of the post-injection deaths have occurred in the first week. However, a second wave of deaths peaking around 180 days in seven states (KY, TN, GA, MI, MN, TX, and FL) is pointed out by researcher Craig Paardekooper. These states have a many-fold higher death rate. In the early peak, cardiac arrest is the most frequent cause of death; in the later, “COVID-19” or possibly misdiagnosed similar illness. Late deaths suggest that a toxin is persisting longer, say by evading the natural immune system, or  is being replaced. Paardekooper states that Pfizer was developing three different types of vaccine, using non-modified RNA, nucleoside-modified RNA that contains pseudouridine (p 2), or self-amplifying RNA (tinyurl.com/3dr2mrrs).

Different vaccine lots also differ greatly in the integrity of the active ingredient, mRNA. In some, only 55% is intact, far below the generally accepted manufacturing standard yet intentionally accepted by regulators, states Sasha Latypova (ibid.).

The extreme variability in adverse event reports between batches, with 1 in 200 lots having more than 1,000 reports in VAERS, suggests that vaccine manufacturers are doing toxic dose range testing without consent, writes James Hill, M.D., J.D.

“Paardekooper’s VAERS analysis should be replicated or refuted by others, including government investigators, as soon as possible” (tinyurl.com/2p94evrm).

In a Pfizer contract with the EU, the section on labeling redacts the phrase “shall not be serialized” from the public version. Making vials untraceable would enable mixing increasing numbers from “hot lots” into safe lots. Then an increasing incidence of heart attacks or strokes could not be attributed to supposedly unchanging vaccines (tinyurl.com/tmwtescj).

The knowing distribution of adulterated or mislabeled products signals intent. Establishing fraud would remove the manufacturers’ liability shield; thus, investigation must be suppressed.

Purging Dissent

U.S. military servicemembers who decline the COVID vaccine or apply for a religious exemption are being terminated regardless of their skill level or natural immune status. Yet commanders are issuing illegal orders in violation of  Army regulations issued in the Sept 14, 2021, Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) number 5, which states: “Commanders will ensure sufficient doses of Department of Defense approved vaccines are on hand and available for their unit.” The Secretary of Defense himself told every servicemember in his Aug 24, 2021, memo that the only vaccines for use will “receive full licensure from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in accordance with FDA-approved labeling and guidance.” To date, however, there are no FDA-approved fully licensed vaccines available on any U.S. military installation (https://tinyurl.com/yc5ycvs9). So, the order is ignored.

It is estimated that in these times of escalating world tensions, the U.S. Air Force is already short 2,000 pilots (https://tinyurl.com/mv6wdcax). We do not know how many are or will be disabled by mandated injections. We do know that Russian and Chinese soldiers are not given mRNA vaccines.

Dissenting physicians are being purged (“disciplined”) for mentioning possible adverse effects—as presented by America’s Frontline Doctors’ “Doc Tracy” (tinyurl.com/2p8sjy4r).


While there’s talk of biowarfare labs in Ukraine, half the world population may harbor a biologic time bomb. “It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that the vaccines are causing a large number of deaths,” states Dr. McCullough  (tinyurl.com/2p92v2be).

History Lesson: Cause or Effect?

Angela Merkel may have decided that Russia could never be reconciled with the West based on Putin’s “tirade against the decadence of democracies, whose decay of values, he said, was exemplified by the spread of ‘gay culture’” (tinyurl.com/54e2auz2).

Why is the LGBTQ agenda a litmus test for the Woke West?

Gay culture was a feature in the fall of Greece, the fall of Rome, the French Revolution with Jacobins, and the Weimar Republic. Friedrich Nietzsche, who was an outstanding historian specializing in the history of the culture of ancient Rome and Greece, observed in Twilight of the Idols:

“Church and morality say: ‘A people or a society are destroyed by vice and luxury.’ My revalued reason says: when a people degenerates…, then the result is vice and luxury (that is, the craving for ever stronger and more frequent stimulation necessary to arouse an exhausted nature)…. The newspaper reader says: this party destroys itself by making such a mistake. My higher politics says: a party that makes such a mistake has already reached its end (it is finished)” [trans. by H.B.].

Not Really mRNA

Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech claim that the messenger RNA in their products is quickly degraded. However, writes Dr. Robert Malone, it is known to persist for at least 60 days in lymph nodes. In fact, the vaccine mRNA differs from natural mRNA in having pseudouridine randomly incorporated during the manufacturing process. Unlike uridine, pseudouridine can pair with all other bases, not just adenine. This could account for interference with the innate immune response and the reactivation of latent DNA viruses. Failure of regulators to investigate these effects before authorizing widespread use is “appropriately classified as ‘willful ignorance’” (https://tinyurl.com/ycktp47f).

  “I get asked all the time ‘what can I do to eliminate the RNA vaccines from my body,’ to which I have to answer—nothing,” writes Dr. Malone (ibid.).

Do Flu Shots Work?

As Alex Berenson pointed out, the number of flu shots increased from 12 million in 1980 to almost 200 million in 2020, but influenza deaths did not decrease (tinyurl.com/2p84av2w). Difficulties in interpretation include population increase and the definition of an influenza death. Using additional data from Berenson (https://tinyurl.com/46ay923m): In the 1980-1981 flu season, 12 million of the U.S. population of 227 million (5%) got flu shots, and about 20,000 people died from flu (80 per million). In the 2017-2018 flu season, 155 million of 327 million people (47%) got flu shots, and 52,000 died from flu (about 160 per million). This obviously doesn’t prove that flu shots kill people with flu, but it certainly does not show them to be helpful.

“The symbols Russia values most are the Icon and the Axe: Faith and Power…. Her revolution was the search for a new absolute….  In 1917…  the Bolsheviks thought they were at the gates of heaven, but we know now they were at the gates of hell. Evil is never more terrible than when it wears the mask of goodness. Ideology without pity always leads to crime.”

Phillip H. McMath, 2022,  https://tinyurl.com/6fnthwvn

Tricking the Children

Children are often resistant to taking the COVID jabs. More than 70% of COVID shots are received at pharmacies, as fewer people visit doctors, states are permitting pharmacists to administer more shots, and pharmacists have found ways to avoid having screaming children in their aisles. One clinic directed children with colored armbands, identified by their parents as potential screamers, to the “VIP lounge” so they don’t frighten others. The clinic featured live music, jugglers, and vaccinators wearing superhero capes. The post-shot waiting room had a librarian reading stories, a magician, the chance to write a thank-you note to vaccine developers, and a life-size cutout of high priest Anthony Fauci (WSJ 11/23/21, tinyurl.com/3n8maebv).

Mandate Voted Down in Germany

With 76.6% of the country having received at least one jab, more than 200,00 daily new cases of COVID are still reported. The Bundestag rejected a proposal to mandate vaccination for everyone over age 60 by a 378–296 vote. Chancellor Olaf Scholz was disappointed, saying the government will try to persuade more people to get jabbed (https://tinyurl.com/43d299h9).

More Revelations from Pfizer Documents

After getting the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), Pfizer hired 600 people within 3 months to process adverse event reports and expected to need 1,800 more (tinyurl.com/24cudrbv).

No genotoxicity or carcinogenicity studies were done on RNA LNP-based products (tinyurl.com/yc32mcmy).

The rate of myocarditis was recognized to be as high as 1 in 1,000 in an informed-consent document. A previous study on a smallpox vaccine “suggested an incidence of possible subclinical myocarditis (based on cardiac troponin T elevations) 60-times higher than the incidence rate of overt clinical myocarditis” (https://tinyurl.com/2ayr3pcf).

Pfizer obscured the effects of natural immunity (0 severe cases in either trial or placebo groups with previous infection) by combining patients with and without previous infection in their efficacy analysis (ibid.).

The second document dump reveals that Pfizer deliberately did not tell people that in the initial days post shot they were susceptible to infection—not just from COVID—and should not be out and about. Moreover, in calculating efficacy Pfizer attributed infections during the first 14 days to the unvaccinated. Pfizer and government officials knew that failure to account for the period of negative efficacy is fraud (tinyurl.com/yckhx4xf).

 AAPS Calendar

October 13-15, 2022. 79th annual meeting, Springfield, MO.

It Might Take Just One

From my collection of videos, this one showing a lion attacked by a clan of hyenas (https://tinyurl.com/39r9yj37) is emblematic of sham peer review attacks occurring in hospitals, writes Lawrence Huntoon, M.D., Ph.D. The attackers pounce on the victim from all angles. But, as the attackers bite him repeatedly and tear at his flesh, another of his kind (representing ethical physicians) enters the scene, and the odds change. The video illustrates that sometimes all it takes to save the victim being attacked by sham peer review is a single person to come to his aid. 

Tip of the Month: Increasingly, federal convictions are based on allegations of false statements to federal agents, rather than underlying conduct. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska was a charismatic, popular congressman being investigated for a relatively small $30,000 in campaign contributions, supposedly made illegally by a foreigner. FBI agents from California visited his home as he returned from working to clean up after a big storm. The agents questioned him then and again in a follow-up interview when his attorney was present. Similar contributions by the same foreigner had been made to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and to other politicians. But only Fortenberry was indicted, and then convicted on Mar 24, based on charges that he allegedly made false statements to the federal agents. And his trial was not in Nebraska but in Los Angeles based on the investigation originating there, even though Fortenberry’s attorney repeatedly objected to that venue. Speaking to a federal agent is not required, and restarts the statute of limitations, so why take the risk of being accused of misstating something? If approached by an agent, you might say: “Submit your questions to me in writing so I can have an attorney review them.” Strongly consider not answering questions orally, and maybe not in writing either.

AAPS Files Amicus in United Airlines Case

United Airlines has required that its employees receive a COVID vaccine or be placed on unpaid leave. It also demoted to unpaid leave employees who obtained a religious exemption. Employees sued in Sambrano v. United Airlines. United lost its appeal, and on March 10 filed an unusual motion to vacate the panel opinion against it, or, in the alternative, rehear it en banc. On the same day, United abruptly announced that it will allow the employees who have religious exemptions to return to work, saying that moots this lawsuit.

In its amicus brief supporting UA employees, AAPS writes: “The panel opinion is a landmark ruling against abuse of power under the pretext of public health, and this splendid opinion should be fully published rather than vacated.”

AAPS counsel Andrew Schlafly calls this one of the “watershed opinions” that “reject exploitation of a crisis to infringe on basic rights.” Instead of being withdrawn, it “should become a foundational precedent against similar future violations of individual rights, particularly the unwanted injection of biological agents that have irreversible life-changing effects.”

“By abruptly reversing its position in this case, United has done the equivalent of a U-turn on the runway and this Court should have a healthy skepticism about its explanation from its cockpit,” states Andrew Schlafly. “Are we taking off or landing?” he asks about United’s odd effort to erase an appellate panel’s opinion while also seeking to get it reconsidered by the full court.

The brief notes that United is heavily dependent on Congress for massive subsidies to the airline industry that totaled $54 billion for COVID prior to this year, and thus United is hardly a mere independently acting “private firm” as it claims.

AAPS writes (https://tinyurl.com/5n8nssvc) that:

Vaccine mandates are an alarming gateway to promote public allowance of abortion (through use of fetal cells in mandated vaccines), infringe on parental rights (the D.C. law at issue in Booth v. Bowser…), violate the patient-physician relationship (by overriding physicians who advise against the vaccine), erode private medicine (by revoking medical licenses of physicians who speak publicly against a mandated vaccine), control the right to assemble (through vaccine passports), and limit the ability to earn a living (as shown in this case). In essence, United booked a ticket on this flight to tyranny, whether intentionally or not. Fortunately, United’s flight landed before its ill-fated destination. Time to deboard….

D.C. Vaccine Mandate Enjoined

 Minors aged 11 and up in Washington, D.C, are temporarily no longer eligible to receive vaccines without parental knowledge or consent after a federal court for the District of Columbia granted a preliminary injunction against the Minor Consent for Vaccination Act (MCA) in Booth v. Bowser, a case brought by Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) (tinyurl.com/ycksus9r).

In an amicus brief, AAPS writes: “The requirement of informed consent is as fundamental to medical ethics as it is to law. A medical procedure without informed consent constitutes battery, and minors are generally incapable of making legal decisions or providing informed consent (tinyurl.com/32mrh59b).

If this Act stands, AAPS argues, “there is no stopping point against future infringements with other medical injections or treatments. The Act is conceptually similar to the notorious mandatory sterilization of a woman a century ago, pursuant to Virginia law, because she was perceived not to be smart enough.”

The AMA’s amicus brief supports mandating the vaccine if authorities were to speculate that its overall good was greater than its overall harm, despite severe individual harm. It fails even to address the possibility of COVID-19 vaccine “harm” to anyone.

A Fraud to Cancel Global Debt?

When COVID hit, Wall Street executive Edward Dowd had been worrying about global debt. “If there’s a sovereign debt bubble, the people who created it were not going to take the blame. So,…would they start a war or something like that? They had to cause some distraction.” COVID could be used as a “system of control to prevent riots when the current bubble pops.” He writes: “If I can show that Pfizer committed fraud, the house of cards has a better chance of coming down.” He observes that Pfizer had failed the all-cause mortality endpoint in clinical trials: 21 in deaths in drug group vs. 17 in placebo. No drug with more deaths than placebo can be approved. Also, a whistleblower showed that 1,000 participants had been unblinded—enough to destroy Pfizer’s claim of 95% efficacy (tinyurl.com/y9e3jruv).


Maybe We Should Consider Risks. After 1,626 cases of myocarditis had been reported, with average onset within two days of receiving a COVID mRNA shot, Matthew Oster of CDC et al. concluded that “this risk should be considered in the context of the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination” (JAMA 1/25/22). The highest rate was in adolescent males following the second shot. Many more cases have surely occurred since August 2021.

Lawrence R. Huntoon, M.D., Ph.D., Lake View, NY

Biological Warfare. Those who wanted to wage a biological attack on a population or world should create a vaccine just like the COVID vaccine, one that drives sub-optimal, non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing immunity, and implement roll-out during a raging pandemic. If the aim is to slowly harm the population and kill, not massively at first, but increasingly over time, the COVID vaccine strategy would be quite appropriate.

Paul Alexander, Ph.D., https://tinyurl.com/2cd258yy

Legal Help. The COVID Resource Network (https://tinyurl.com/2p92c9cb) may be able to help if you, a loved one, or a patient is trapped in a hospital protocol. See their “Hospital COVID Guide 1.0” (tinyurl.com/2p9hen6w). You may submit a request for help to: vireslaw.group/covid-resource-network/.

Debi Carey, careyconsultingassociates.com

Government and Private Misconduct. Pharmacologist and ethicist David Gortler exposes unethical and tortious conduct by the FDA, CDC, NIH, and many others in matters of COVID mRNA shot promotion and efficacy/safety data. Because all of the FDA’s 18,000-plus employees had access to the same data we have, he asks: Where are the “Dear Doctor” and “Dear Pharmacist” letters with updated safety data; recommendations for follow-up symptom tracking; and Data Safety Monitoring Board? Is the $6.5 billion dollar funding not enough? “The selective omission of public health information is more than clinical malpractice; it is scientific fraud.” Gortler says that the professional licenses of agency employees should be at risk (https://tinyurl.com/2czwwm68). He links to a list of athlete deaths after mRNA shots. Informed consent is out the window when tyrants are in control, clutching EUAs.

John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D., Brownwood, TX

Infections Soar in Supervaxxed. Evidence keeps mounting of negative efficacy: jabs increase susceptibility (tinyurl.com/c7nvjdrz).

Joseph Scherzer, M.D., Paradise Valley, AZ

Corruption of American Medicine. In our interview with Dr. Mark McDonald, author of United States of Fear: How America Fell Victim to a Mass Delusional Psychosis and adviser to Gov. Ron DeSantis, he speaks of how Dr. Anthony Fauci built an empire based on lies, deliberately manipulating people and causing countless deaths (www.sndup.net/sqf3/). Corruption in medical organizations is pervasive, Dr. McDonald says. His podcast is at informeddissentmedia.com.

W.J.  and Alison Mencarow, The Paper Source

906 Studies.  Informed Choice Australia has compiled a list of peer-reviewed studies on adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines  submitted to medical journals (tinyurl.com/mdfaz6su).

Bose Ravenel, M.D., Winston-Salem, NC

Metamorphosis. In the 1950s, when I entered practice, physicians were independent and paid by their patients. Many facilities as well as physicians provided free care to those unable to pay. During the 1960s, employers’ and government’s “free insurance” programs turned a patient-driven enterprise into an investor-owned and profit-driven business system. As always, bearers of gifts became the masters of those receiving them. Free facilities closed. Medical societies developed a self-serving agenda focused on third-party reimbursement. The physician leadership vacuum was filed by government and the insurance industry. Employed physicians are becoming the sacrificial lambs, and their patients’ services will be rationed.

Lindsay Pratt, M.D., Myrtle Beach, SC

Scary Thought. Could the Feds take over a state legislature and governorship? It has happened before. When it became clear  that Missouri was going to secede in 1861, as a “slave state,” the Feds came in and chased out the legitimate state government, who had to go into hiding, while the Federals put in a puppet government. I did not learn this in public school; I was taught that Missouri was “neutral.” Far from that! This is the state where brother literally fought with brother, neighbor with neighbor, and with the border war with Kansas still fresh, Missourians fought with Kansas jayhawkers, and grew guerilla fighters from whence came Frank and Jesse James. It can and may well happen again.

Jenny Powell, M.D., Osage Beach, MO

Is This Modern Science? We do not know whether COVID-19 vaccines prevent infection in children. Pfizer did not check for that in its trials in children. The company checked only whether the subjects had developed antibody levels.

Ray Page, D.O., Ph.D., Aledo, TX

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