AAPS signs coalition letter in support of HR 475: PPACA is unconstitutional


Dear Member of Congress:

On behalf of the undersigned members of the Health Care Freedom Coalition and our ally organizations, representing industry, policy, taxpayer, and medical professional groups, and their millions of patients and members, we urge co-sponsorship of House Resolution 475, introduced by Congressman Phil Roe, MD.

As a coequal branch of government, elected by the people, Congress must keep their oath to “protect, preserve and defend the constitution” and make its views known regarding the constitutionality of this law. H. Res. 475 is a declaration to the United States Supreme Court and the people of the United States of America that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is unconstitutional and the individual mandate and penalty provision that enforces it are not severable from the remainder of the PPACA.

It is clear the American people and those engaged in the medical system do not agree with PPACA. A recent poll by Rasmussen has 55% of likely voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the law. Just one month ago in Ohio, 65% of voters rejected the individual mandate, adopting a constitutional amendment that “preserves the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage.” In addition, 85% of physicians believe that citizens should have the freedom to make their
own health care decisions instead of being mandated by the government to purchase health care, according to a recent poll by Doctor Patient Medical Association.

Our organizations collectively have organized and delivered millions of letters, calls and petitions to your offices, calling on the repeal of PPACA. We ask you to continue your leadership on this vitally important issue.

We applaud Congressman Roe, thank the members who have already joined this effort, and call for all members of Congress to co-sponsor and pass this resolution.

CLICK HERE to download letter in PDF format.


Kathryn Serkes
Chairman & CEO
Doctor Patient Medical Association

Jim Martin
60 Plus Association

Eric Novak, MD
US Health Freedom Coalition

Americans for Prosperity

Ken Hoagland
Restore America’s Voice Foundation
Repeal It Now.org

Heather Higgins
Independent Women’s Voice

Jane Orient, MD
Executive Director
Association of American Physicians & Surgeons

Amy Kremer
Tea Party Express

Jennifer Hulsey
American Grassroots Coalition

Tom Schatz
Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

Mario H. Lopez
Hispanic Leadership Fund

Tom McClusky
Sr. Vice President
Family Research Council Action

Jim Wootton
Partnership for America

Chris Jaarda
American Healthcare Education Coalition

Hal C. Scherz MD, FACS, FAAP
President and CEO
Docs 4 Patient Care

Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer and President
Concerned Women for America

Phyllis Schlafly
Founder and President
Eagle Forum

Kerri Toloczko
Senior Vice President
Institute for Liberty

Richmond Tea Party

Amy Ridenour
The National Center for Public Policy Research

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