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ACP Goes Full Totalitarian

The American College of Physicians (ACP), which claims to represent 159,000 physicians, has released its detailed plan to achieve “universal coverage.”

Before Medicare, the American Medical Association proclaimed that “the voluntary way is the American way.” Now, the ACP is advocating the involuntary way.

Takeaway points from its proposal:

  • “The ACP believes that to achieve true universal coverage, coverage must be compulsory.”
  • “Enrollment in any new U.S. system must be mandatory.”
  • “The ACP opposes the sale of duplicative coverage.”

Never mind “Medicare for all who want it.” This is One Plan for ALL, and nothing else. Maybe some plans for luxury services would be allowed, but for trauma, cancer, or heart attacks, the only life-saving services allowed would be from the One Plan.

It is understood that demand for care would soon exceed resources to supply it. So, the architects of the “Choosing Wisely” will choose: Global budgeting is “the process by which society chooses, directs, and enforces how much to spend on health care, what to spend it on, and where that spending will take place.”

Canada uses this method. If the global budget is spent in November, the operating room is closed in December, and the surgeon, who is not allowed to earn any money, is on vacation.

“Rationing” is given a positive spin: “The American College of Physicians supports the rational stewardship of health care resources through the incorporation of cost-effectiveness analyses.”

Care of the old and seriously ill is not cost-effective. “One quarter of Medicare dollars are spent during the last year of a beneficiary’s life.” ACP writes. “Palliative care has been shown to reduce costs, particularly in the hospital setting, and increase patient and physician satisfaction.” It assures prompter, cost-efficient death.

For information on a voluntary way, see AAPS white paper and “10 Solutions.”

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