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After the debate…unasked questions on health insurance

In the second round of Democratic presidential debates, all the candidates were passionate about “universal healthcare.” But the moderators’ probing went no further than private insurance benefits negotiated by labor unions.

Additional questions should be asked:

  • Will people be allowed to keep their employer-provided insurance if they do not belong to a union, or to keep their individual insurance?
  • Will people be allowed to pay privately for services covered by their public plan? (Note that this is outlawed in the Bernie Sanders model—Canada—no matter how long the waiting list.)
  • Will people be allowed to self-insure or rely on health-sharing ministries?
  • Will people who forgo the public option get a tax break to help pay for services they are forced to support through taxation but do not use?
  • Will the government force your hospital or private doctor ‘s office to close?
  • Will Medicare’s price controls and other rules be imposed on all medical services?
  • Do you think there should always be a private option?

For more information about private options, see AAPS News, August 2019.

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