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ALERT: Yes to HR 419 – Remove the USA from the WHO

Please write your Members of Congress and ask them to support HR 419. This good bill, sponsored by Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21), would stop U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding the World Health Organization (WHO).

As demonstrated by the WHO response to COVID-19, the organization is not only ineffective, but pushes policies and agendas that are harmful to American patients and our nation’s wellbeing. 

For example, while initially assisting the Chinese Communist Party in suppressing details about COVID’s origins and transmissibility, the WHO later promoted China’s unconscionable lockdowns and other violations of human rights as measures other nations should emulate.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is the largest funder of the WHO, “providing between $400 million to $500 million each year,” reports the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

Now, there are efforts underway to double-down on failed WHO leadership with a proposal to create a new pandemic treaty that could hand international regulators more tools to promulgate protocols and procedures which will by far do more damage than good.

In addition, the WHO is set to consider questionable amendments, proposed by the Biden Administration, to existing International Health Regulations (IHR) that appear to expand WHO authority while limiting nations’ ability to contravene objectionable WHO actions. While certain analysts offer somewhat benign rationale for the changes under consideration, others warn of dire consequences for medical freedom and national sovereignty. The exact ramifications may be ambiguous, but what is clear is the need for the U.S. to disengage from this international body with interests contrary to what is best for patients and our nation.

As AAPS presciently warned over 60 years ago in our March 1955 newsletter: “the World Health Organization … is another United Nations agency … where the American taxpayers pay for most of the activities but have an exceedingly small voice in opposing the socialistic programs offered by the agency.”

Recent WHO behavior, combined with looming expansion of its authority, signal that the time is here to remove the U.S. from the WHO.  

To work towards this goal, please support Rep. Chip Roy’s HR 419 to prohibit the United States government from providing any financial contributions to the World Health Organization.

SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS with a few clicks: https://p2a.co/q5rFk7D

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